Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Oct 7 01:22:54 MDT 1996


Doug has concisely pointed out your attempts to
dominate the open list by sheer volume.

I have stated that in whatever configuration
of lists I would want the opportunity to read you.
Like you I also think that a completely open list
is at times chaotic but is also very creative, in
testing out over a period of time which positions
have credibility and which do not.

But Malgosia said she does not know of a list
that people do not try to dominate. That of course
is part of the struggle, which in the best conditions
may be creative.

You called Hugh, for the maintenance of a completely
open list, with no holds barred, ie no limits on
volume, because you are confident you can win on
that front as well of course as politically and

I suggest to you,

a) that Spoons may have no interest in maintaining
a list where it has become a battle of volume.

b) Robert has said he will accept volume limits,
and they might have protected him from himself
if he had voluntarily observed them some time ago.
If you want a completely open arena to exist, and
you are confident of your ideas, it is in your
interest too that there are some volume limits.
Which side is your bread buttered?

For the hegemony of ideas, not the hegemony of


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