The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

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Sun Oct 6 23:33:40 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>Well Doug, if that should not be enough, exposure.  Think this one trough:
>Rodwell is against "any kind of United Front".  (his words above)
>However, he re-publishes the allegations of another "Trotskyst" (this one
>actually posting from Peru) who proposes a United Front with the "unions and
>the left" and wants the "few PCP people" oppossed to Fujimori's "Peace
>Agreement" to sign it and thus "qualify" for his "United Front"!
>Is that not a laugh?  Here maybe.  But there, where these questions are life
>or death issues for the revolution, all this is maybe not so funny, and I
>certainly see why the people would take a much dimmer view of these
>activities, however foolish and inane they may appear here, at a distance.
>But that is not all: Malecki too, unlike Rodwell, is for United Fronts,
>lists, clubs, etc., whatever, that would take him in. (i.e. United Fronts,
>list and clubs which aim to commit public harakiri like Quispe did).
>And in practice, all these gentlemen, those FOR and those against "all kinds
>of United Fronts" have, actually, formed HERE, a United Front of fleas,
>cockroaches and religious nuts.  And what is this United Front for besides
>serving as the background noise for a camapign of shroud waving inspired and
>OPENLY MONITORED in this list by the Fujimori Ministry of Foreign Relations?
>It is a United Front advocating that everyone should hand them over their
>revolutionary gains gratis, since only, they allege with touching religious
>conviction, with the patented and unique "magic potion" of their leadership
>and ideology, those "deformed rvolutionaries" who do not have it, can hope
>for any success.
>And then, the only thing they can agree on is in issuing their repetitive
>and periodical DEMANDS to ARM THE WHOLE WORKING CLASS - while they
>themselves are incapable of picking up a pin or even a tooth pick, let alone
>an axe, a sword, or a gun.  Is this not the most trite superficiality?
>These are remarkably funny gentlefolk here, at a distance, and in
>Cyberspace: They have no guns, and they have no votes. Moreover, according
>to Rodwell, they neither want guns and, god forbid, neither do they want votes.
>What do they have?  What do they really want in life?  They have: A
>"transitional program" of vacuous phrases and trite generalities which they
>apply to any situation, regardless of time, place or concrete conditions.
>In synthesis, all they have is plenty of convoluted and baroque words and
>powerful gases to emit these at random! And what do these words and
>over-worked phrases boil down to?:  To a laundry list of pious wishes not
>worth the paper these are printed on!
>And what do they really want?:  To be able to stand in street corners or
>post to marxism lists like Bible freaks selling their "revelations" which
>are but full of regurgitations of that same worthless "transitional
>programme" like all their trite and worthless wares are.
>Can any one really wonder why this kind of people would get on the working
>classes nerves anywhere where there is a concrete struggle going on?  Can
>people not see why it is likely that if a Peruvian malecki was behaving in a
>Red Zone under Army ocupation, or in a factory in which the workers are kept
>in line with machine gun emplacements looking down on them from the
>perimeter wall, just like malecki has behaved in this list, this "Peruvian
>malecki" would be sure to be getting the short end of the stick? Or, do they
>really expect the long suffering masses not to demand his scalp?.
>In Peru the class struggle is today a matter of immediate life and death.
>Blabbering fools, even if they were not already working for the reactionary
>state, and not engaged FOR PAY in the strategic plans of the Military High
>Command for using the unions, the schools, the shanty town organisations as
>grounds to infiltrate bogus "modest-militants" in order to ferret out the
>real revolutionaries, even if all such provocateur activities were done
>GRATIS out of sheer brain damage due to gargantuan drug abuse, still, the
>people have no time or patience for counter-revolutionary nosey parkers, and
>only fools would tread there where Angels don't dare!
>Knowing malecki and Rodwell - his "comrades" - it is evident that Roberto
>Chiara, in the most charitable and unlikely of all cases, brought his own
>fate upon himself!.  That these fleas are now HERE, in this list, waving his
>sorry shroud in order to contribute their grain of sand to the Peruvian
>Military High Command counter-revolutionary strategy, is also perfectly in
>line with all their antics in this list.
>Adolfo Olaechea

>From his London flat Aldolfo enhances us about the Trots being in the pay of
the Generals while the *real* revolutionaries are dying. Naturally with all
the rhetoric of our student activist who's only real claim to fame is
claiming to have built the first "Soviet" in Peru back in the 60ties and a
faithful follower of the bankrupt policies of the PCP in Peru and the "Red
front" in his International Solidarity work shows the real character behind
the words.

All the rhetoric comes down to that the PCP and Aldolfo openly call for a
deal with a wing of the Peruvian bougeoisie if and when taking power. And my
guess is they are prepared to do this even before they take power in
exchange for peace and the leader Gonzalo. That is they are prepared to make
a deal with the class enemy of the proletariat and the peasantry.

That is what communists on this list should be looking at. Aldolfo supports
the two stage theory!

And his hate for the Trotskyist "United Front" comes out of the bankrupt
stage theory. The "Red Front" is basically support for the PCP and every
speech that Gonzalo has made in his life. In other words a blank check for
the PCP to make a deal with the class enemy. All the militant rhetoric is to
get people to believe that anything or any deal that the PCP makes with the
class enemy in the future is the revolution.
Blind loyalty to Stalinist politics has always been a disaster for the
working class.

And still Aldolfo has no proof! His cop, agent baiting is far more dangerous
then the petty bougeois intellectuals Proyects yellow journalism. Because in
Peru as in Spain the Stalinists are prepared to murder the political
opposition in the workers movement.

As i said earlier Trotskyist parties in Peru would and should have armed
contingents especially in regards to the PCP. This to garantee that the PCP
point the guns in the right direction. Thus  every attempt by the PCP to
enforce their advocation of violence against other left formations would be
met with.

Bob Malecki


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