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Adam Rose adam at
Mon Oct 7 05:38:56 MDT 1996

I has hoped we'd get a sensible discussion on huge opportunities
that Blair's stampede to the right has given revolutionaries in

Instead I get LIES from Hugh ( and of course Russel ).

eg :
> Adam identifies the core of the working class with the Labour Party.
> This is a joke.

It is a LIE that either myself or the SWP has ever identified the Labour
Party as the core of the working class. How many decades of polemic with
the Militant Tendency do you need, on PRECISELY this point, to prove this ?

Russel also LIES by implying that the SWP wants to transform the Labour
Party. BOLLOCKS - we have never argued such a thing. We have DECADES of
polemic with Militant and others to prove it.

What I said was that ultra leftism toward Labour and Trade Union activists
cuts you off from the working class, which is true. The outrage towards
Blair at the top of the working class movement reflects the mood at the
bottom, ie its core. The historic scale of the alienation from Labour
is UNPRECEDENTED before an election, and is reflected by, for example,
the entire RMT executive signing a petition to Tony Blair saying
soundbites ]. Getting the entire RMT executive to sign such a statement
makes it easier for us to talk to ordinary RMT members about the need
to "Fight For Real Change : Defend the Unions - Stand up for
Socialism" as last week's Socialist Worker puts it.

Whenever anyone signs the petition, they are asked to donate money to
the SWP ie a revolutionary party outside the Labour Party, and then
asked to join, precisely in order to build a revolutionary alternative
to Labour. Russel knows this, Hughs knows this. Why do they LIE and give
people an impression that we work in some other way ? We get slagged
off ALL THE TIME for being TOO up front about our politics, and our
criticisms of Blair in particular.

> Christ, even Militant got wise eventually!

Militant made compromises with Labour because they were inside it for
years. They are now suffering an ultra left reaction to this.
Hugh's lot DID the same : they were in the Labour Party FOR YEARS,
telling us how wonderful people like Ken Livingstone were, and they
have now reacted in the same, ultra left way as Militant.

> Shouting from the sidelines by being outside Labour??? Like during the
> Miners' Strike, the Anti-Poll-Tax agitation and now during the Dockers'
> Strike?

Now listen you little shit, don't you DARE tell ME about the struggle
outside the Labour Party. Where do you think the RMT executive signed
our petition ? In some smoke filled room ? No - on the 1 year anniversary
of the beginning of the dockers strike !

Now, Hugh, we have diagnosed a significant shift in the mood of the
class in response to Blair's statements of the last month or so, and
have reacted accordingly. We have acted, and our actions have been
successful. What is your analysis ? And more importantly, what have you
DONE on the basis of this analysis ? And have you got ANYWHERE AT ALL ?


Adam Rose


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