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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Oct 6 23:34:14 MDT 1996

>>An "unmoderated"
>>list with a volume limit? This is exactly what M-I is supposed to be, at
>>least for the time being.
>M-I *will* be moderated. It won't be censored. It will be moderated along
>what we hope to be clear guidelines. A separate, unmoderated list will
>continue to exist.

Good,fine excellent!
>We are hoping for a new list that will have a broad international reach. A
>list where people won't have the download 300 messages a day from the same 7
>people, repeating yesterday's posts. That kind of an overloaded list will
>remain accessible only to people with a lot of free time and money, both of
>which communists and revolutionaries, almost by definition lack.

I agree that a money question in regards to number of posts is revelant!
>I truly hope that, if this forum does become an important political tool for
>revolutionaries around the world, subscribers will be careful with how they
>use their posts. What the struggle needs is international interaction,
>debate, solidarity. That requires effort from all subscribers. We hope to
>create a climate that encourages and fosters responsible behaviour.
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