G Healy : Notes of a heterodox

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Jj Plant wrote:
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> Since nobody can claim apostolic descent from Trotsky, 'orthodox
> trotskyist' is a label that anybody can pick up and attach to
> themselves.
> There is a technical sense in which the phrase is sometimes still
> used - that of the Cannon/Healy/Lambert part of the greatest of the
> splits in the history of trotskyism.
> G Healy wears the label in both cases.
I wondered about that title too. I think you are right about Healy
claiming it. Both Messers.Maleki and Rodwell use the term, but on a
whole number of issues they have differences. So they can't both be
"orthodox". Anyway, when I hear that word I imagine men wearing black
with funny hats, beards, and hair! You know about these things John. Is
that what "orthodox Trotskyists" wear?


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