And More Caution! (Very long!)

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Mon Oct 7 12:11:25 MDT 1996

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Richard Bos wrote:

> Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
> The Vladimir that we know and love is back. I was riveted by every word
> of your analysis of Mr Ponce.
> Somehow I do not think that anything you could say would persuade Mr
> Rodwell to think, or act, differently. Maybe that is my pessimistic
> streak coming through.

I agree with Richard, this was a good analytical post by Vladimir Bilenkin
analyzing in depth the messages of J. Ponce from Peru and laying bare the
contradictions in that message. Adolfo is perhaps right about Vladimir,
he seems to have two sides very much like Jekyll and Hyde, especially
if you compare this last post of his with the earlier one which was
full of idealisim and extreme extrapolations. But Vladimir deserves
credit for his latest analysis.

It also is strange that Ponce and now Ruiz started relaying their
messages (through Hugh Rodwell and J Plant) soon after some one send
a message to this list from the Peruvian Information Ministry (?) saying
that they were getting messages from this list. What Ponce and Ruiz
have to say vis-a-vis Peru, is nothing new but a repetition of past
denunciations regularly made by the mainstream and left press. Some time
ago, there was an article in The Nation (a liberal-left weekly) laying
some of these same charges against the "Shining Path". The author of
this article was subsequently traced to be the wife of some one high up
in the Peruvian govt of Alberto Fujimori. Accusations of drug-traffiking
were made in the pages of NACLA (North American Congress of Latin
America). It should also be remembered that charges of drug traffiking
were levveled against the Sandinista govt of Nicaragua by Reagan administ-
ration; now it turns out that it was actually the CIA that was allowing
drugs (crack) from Central America to be funneled to South Central LA
where it created an epidemic among the African-American population.
Only the strong protest of the residents of LA have brought this matter
to light, otherwise it would have been hidden forever. Further back,
the Bolsheviks were accused of eating human babies by some of the leading
press organs of that time. This propaganda, has filtered down to this day,
when an acquaintance  made this same charge against the Bolsheviks in the
1980s! Demonization of the enemy and psychological warfare is nothing
new, whose existence and tactics are, however forgotten repeatedly.

All honest people in search of the truth should not allow themselves,
consciously or unconsciously, to become tools of the dark forces of


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