SWP and Najibullah

mattk at indigo.ie mattk at indigo.ie
Mon Oct 7 14:10:25 MDT 1996

>What I want to know is why the dregs of Stalinism, who have dissappeared
>from the real world, have rematerialised on m1 ? Don't you lot understand ?
>Your politics have died, gone, kaput. It's the end. You lot perverted the
>real meaning of socialism for 60 years and now it's all over. The CPGB
>understood this and had the good grace to commit political suicide. You lot
>are like the living hairs on a corpse.

>Adam Rose

And this from a group currently touting a petition to Tony Blair? I've not
seen an English election yet in which this group didn't encourage workers
on that island to go out and vote Labour.

I'm not a Stalinist by the way, just not a reformist.

Matt Kelly.

=C9irigh lasadh as an splanc seo

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