China's Foreign Policy

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Mon Oct 7 14:10:59 MDT 1996

Rolf Martens wrote:

>You are mistaken on South Africa. Its racist regime was always squarely
>condemned and atacked by Mao's China.

Not true. China gave arms to the UNITA rebels, who were also supported by
the Republic of South Africa. Some bedfellows tou 'anti-imperialists'

>Yes. And this handshake was a very good thing too. Was it perhaps
>in support of the US aggression in Vietnam? No. Mao Zedong made
>a tactical unity with some of the US imperialist forces against
>Soviet social-imperialism, which had even then started to emerge
>as the most dangerous source of war internationally, and which was
>supported in this by another US imperialist faction.

It's statement like this, which led me to believe when I was first getting
into left politics, that Maoists were on another planet to the rest of us.
The above analysis is not based on what is required to forward the struggle
of the working class internationally, but on the ebb and flow of Stalinist
China's foreign policy. By the way, I defended China and still do against
counterrevolution; something which the current Chinese government is
incapable of doing.

Matt Kelly.

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