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Mon Oct 7 14:52:26 MDT 1996

At 01:46 07-10-96 +0200, Zeynep Tufekcioglu wrote:
>Hugh says:
>>And why Godena and Flanders for the guys, but Zeynep
>>for the gal? Is her surname too long?
>T-u-f-e-k-c-i-o-g-l-u. It is too long. Yuck.
>Actually, people in Turkey do this surname/name switch for Rosa Luxemburg.
>Marx is Marx, Engels is Engels, Poulantzas is Poulantzas, Mandel is Mandel,
>etc. Rosa Luxemburg, however, is "Rosa". Most everyone does it.

The same in Denmark. Question: Should we also do it?


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