Marx, Neanderthals, & Other Social Creatures

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Mon Oct 7 16:20:10 MDT 1996

Louis R Godena recently wrote:

>The Neanderthal "identity" has aroused controversy ever since the first
>fossil drew its name from the valley near Dusseldorf where it was discovered
>in 1856.
>It was promptly dismissed as the remains of a diseased Cossack mercenary,
>stored in a museum and forgotten for half a century.

This month a new museum will be opened in Neanderthal valley - only ten
miles away from here.
It is said the new museum is based on new scientific findings.

Anybody who is interested in this stuff [and of course anybody who is not
interested in this stuff], passes this town and and likes to visit the new
museum - please contact me: we'll have a nice walk down the valley along the
river Duessel, visit the museum, and after that we'll have some 'Altbier' in
one of the numerous Duesseldorf pubs along the river Rhine - chatting about
the ancient days of fossils like M1 and M2.

You're welcome!


Hinrich Kuhls - Duesseldorf
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