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Activism For A Change  -  October, 1996  Chappaqua, NY Vol. 2, No. 1

Welcome to the revised CNI Action Alert.  With each mailing, we will
cover areas of web activism that dovetail with our main interests and
concerns: Peace, The Environment, Human Rights, the fight against
AIDS, and Campaign Finance Reform.
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In this issue:
  + CENTER FOR DEFENSE INFORMATION - School of the Americas
  + 20/20 Vision
  + RIGHTS & WRONGS - Human Rights TV

CHILDREN WITH AIDS -  CWA is an organization whose role is to develop
a fuller understanding of children, with, and at risk of AIDS,
including the medical, psychosocial, legal and financial issues. CWA's
mission is to develop local and national adoptive, foster and family
centered care programs that are both effective and compassionate.  The
founder of CWA, Jim Jenkins, has done a wonderful job and produced an
excellent resource at  Jim can also be reached
at jjenkins at

THE CENTER FOR DEFENSE INFORMATION  - CDI maintains its status as one
of our preferred progressive resources on the web and in print.  CDI
believes that strong social, economic, political, and military
components and a healthy environment contribute equally to the
nation's security.  CDI opposes excessive expenditures for weapons and
policies that increase the danger of war.  We highly recommend that
all readers subscribe to CDI's very informative and concise monthly
_Defense Monitor_.  For info, write to info at or call
202.862.0700.  Also, be sure to visit their web site and join one of
their mailing lists (

A recent mailing from CDI (citing a _Washington Post_ story) tells us
that U.S. Army intelligence manuals used to train Latin American
military officers at an Army school from 1982 to 1991 advocated
executions, torture, blackmail and other forms of coercion against
insurgents.  Used in courses at the U.S. Army's School of the
Americas, the manual says that to recruit and control informants,
counterintelligence agents could use "fear, payment of bounties for
enemy dead, beatings, false imprisonment, executions and the use of
truth serum," according to a secret Defense Department summary of the
manuals compiled during a 1992 investigation of the instructional

The Army School of the Americas, long located in Panama but moved in
1984 to Fort Benning, Ga., has trained nearly 60,000 military and
police officers from Latin America and the United States since 1946.
Read all about this American horror story at
then visit CNI's email link to Congress
( and raise some hell!

20/20 - - 20/20 Vision is a national
non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the
environment and promoting peace through grassroots action. At the
heart of 20/20 Vision's mission is the revitalization of democracy by
making it simple for citizens to participate in national and local
policy decisions. 20/20's motto -- 20 minutes a month, 20 dollars a
year, a vision for a healthy planet -- is fulfilled by over 30,000
individuals who communicate with targeted decision makers each month.

RIGHTS & WRONGS - The TV series Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights
Television was born out of the need for a responsible and
journalistically sound approach to media coverage of human rights
issues. Barely a day passes that human rights stories are left
unreported in the major news media.  Since 1993, Rights & Wrongs has
stood alone in offering its viewers hard- hitting, analytical, and
caring reporting on global human rights issues. Anchored by veteran
PBS journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault, the series debuted on dozens of
America's public television stations.  Today, this critically
acclaimed program can be seen on more than 120 PTV stations, as well
as in more than 50 million cable households.  Visit R&W's web site at for some excellent resources
related to human rights.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM - "The Dirty Dozen" - _Mother Jones'_ MoJo
Wire Sept-Oct 1996 issue looks at House members' financial ties to
special interests and comes up with the dirtiest dozen: "we chose
those representatives whom we believe best reflect the specific
character of corruption in the 104th Congress." Read all about it:


If you would like to alert us to an issue or a web site you think we'd
be interested in, please send your comments to action at


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