The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

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With respect, I think Doug has missed the most important point in
this thread. The difference in approach between PCP-SL and the
'trotskyists', is that workers leaders from several different
organisations have been killed by PCP-SL. Not shouted at, not made to
read boring email, not excluded from meetings. Killed. Whatever may
be your level of exasperation with trotskyists on this mailing list,
it can surely not be so high as to overlook crimes against the
working class ?

I have posted the material about Roberto Chiara, which has been
published over two years ago unchallenged. Adolfo unhesitatingly
supported the murder, and subsequently admitted that he knew nothing
about it, while continuing to insist that he *knew* the murder had
been called for by the workers at the Diamante factory. He has
responded to every request for substantiation by ever fouler

Now of course Doug you have every right not to be interested in this
murder of a workers leader, or the others documented by Ruiz. But I
am sure that you don't want to be involved in writing an amnesty for
Adolfo simply because you find Rodwell et al tiresome.

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