Against the Rotten Block

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Mon Oct 7 14:51:19 MDT 1996

At 12:31 06-10-96 -0500, Doug Henwood wrote:

>Vlad, maybe you should give up on the politics for a while and return to
>literary studies, which I'm sure you're quite good at, or maybe step out of
>"the archives" and wander a bit around North Carolina and learn something
>about the lives of real people. Let me know how many labor aristocrats you
>find around Harnett County (1990 census median household income: $21,743,
>or 72% of U.S. average).

I don't know about about "labor aristocrats", but if you are talking about
the TU bureaucracy, I guess you would find quite a few of the sort. As you
would in India, Nigeria or Egypt - or in the US in general 60 years ago.
All of those places you would find median household income to be
considerably lower than $21,743.


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