Poder Obrero vs PCP/SL No 2 : The Olaechea slander machine

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For Olaechea everybody is a spy and an agent.

When somebody asked if he can explain his story of a soviet in Lima
1963 he accused the person who formulated the question of being a
spy. But he was incapable of showing that he LIES to everybody in the

When JPlant sent the obituary of Roberto Chiara he said that Chiara
was an spy, an agent, a counter-revolutionary bastard, etc. and later
he acknowledged that he doesn't even know if this person (Chiara)
really existed. Olaechea is a professional slander machine. He is
incapable of making any serious critique. he only writes lies. For
him every body in this planet is an agent who is conspiring against

He said that everybody who doesn't agree with him is :

>"A United front of counter-revolutionaries, police agents, old
>revisionist, corrupt lieutenants of the bosses, and "Trostkyst"

In the CIA camp are also included other supporters of the PCP_SL:

>"It is not an accident or born of ignorance and pique. It is a plot
>linked to the "Peace Agreement" fraud of the Fujimori regime, to the
>activities of Quispe and to those of the "maoist leaders of RIM".

Quispe is one of the main translators and publishers of the PCP_SL
propaganda and he managed to produce a Web page. The RIM is the
international  which supported the PCP-SL everywhere and of which the
PCP_SL is a member. We heavily disagree with the RIM, Quispe and all
the factions of the PCP-SL but we will defend them against repression
and slanders.

Olaechea is becoming completely MAD. For him;

>"What is this but the old Fujimori/CIA/RIM/QUISPE tune?"
>Olaechea is suggesting that Fujimori, the CIA, the United Left, the
>trotskyist and even PCP-SL supporters like Quispe and the RIM are
the >SAME thing.

A person who is capable of writing so much lies and nonsense don't
have any credibility. He also said:

>" Who are the actors of this gross slander machine directed against
>Chairman Gonzalo?  Against a communist leader who is kept in prison
>10 meters below ground in Peru while this "modest militant" comes
>here to "resist Fujimori's attacks" by ENDORSING FUJIMORI'S
>capitulated to Fujimori?:

What proof has Olaechea that Gonzalo is 10 meters below ground? In
fact, all the evidence suggests exactly the opposite. Gonzalo is
actively supporting Fujimori. This is not a lie. On the TV millions
of Peruvians watched on several occasions Gonzalo, Miriam, Morote and
ALL the great PCP_SL prisoners advocating the peace agreement or
offering gifts to Fujimori. More than 90% of all the thousands of
political prisoners from the PCP-SL are supporting the "peace
agreement" and some of them are being silently released.

>"These fleas (imagine it, the workers have taken to arms and along
>comes Rodwell (and malecki trailing behind him) demanding them to
>"SUBORDINATE THEIR WEAPONS") demand that a United Front be formed
and >that the revolution must subordinate itself to it!  A United
Front >for what?  To accept the "Peace Agreement" and to put the
armed >forces under the command of the Communist party at the mercy
of the >corrupt union leaders, fake leftists, and Mother Courages who
have >always opposed the revolution and have supported and defended
the >rotten old Peruvian state all along 16 years of People's War.
And >then these vermin blame the "stalinists" when the masses would
line >them up against the wall and let their weapons rip the only
answer >these idiots can deserve!  In Peru, as well as in Russia in
1917.  Up >against the wall, MFs!"

As everybody can see the PCP-SL is so sectarian that he opposes any
kind of united front because for them everybody is the same: the CIA
and their puppets.

We are against the Peace Agreement. We are proposing a workers and
anti-imperialist united front to defend the people's rights against
Fujimori's attacks. We are in favour of building self-defence
committees and that the few PCP_SL fighters who didn't capitulate to
the Gonzalo-Fujimori peace agreement should subordinate their action
to democratic rank and file workers and peasant assemblies. The
PCP-SL is so sectarian and authoritarian that will never accept the
people's direct democracy.

In conclusion, Olaechea is a slander machine. For him everybody is a
CIA agents (including the PCP-SL supporters whom he doesn't agree
with). Nobody should believe a single word from this charlatan.

Poder Obrero Peru

jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

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