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>With respect, I think Doug has missed the most important point in
>this thread. The difference in approach between PCP-SL and the
>'trotskyists', is that workers leaders from several different
>organisations have been killed by PCP-SL. Not shouted at, not made to
>read boring email, not excluded from meetings. Killed. Whatever may
>be your level of exasperation with trotskyists on this mailing list,
>it can surely not be so high as to overlook crimes against the
>working class ?
>I have posted the material about Roberto Chiara, which has been
>published over two years ago unchallenged. Adolfo unhesitatingly
>supported the murder, and subsequently admitted that he knew nothing
>about it, while continuing to insist that he *knew* the murder had
>been called for by the workers at the Diamante factory. He has
>responded to every request for substantiation by ever fouler
>Now of course Doug you have every right not to be interested in this
>murder of a workers leader, or the others documented by Ruiz. But I
>am sure that you don't want to be involved in writing an amnesty for
>Adolfo simply because you find Rodwell et al tiresome.
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