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Mon Oct 7 19:20:31 MDT 1996

>On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Richard Bos wrote:
>> Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>> The Vladimir that we know and love is back. I was riveted by
>every word
>> of your analysis of Mr Ponce.=20
>> Somehow I do not think that anything you could say would persuade
>> Rodwell to think, or act, differently. Maybe that is my
>> streak coming through.
>I agree with Richard, this was a good analytical post by Vladimir
>analyzing in depth the messages of J. Ponce from Peru and laying
>bare the
>contradictions in that message. Adolfo is perhaps right about
>he seems to have two sides very much like Jekyll and Hyde,
>if you compare this last post of his with the earlier one which was
>full of idealisim and extreme extrapolations. But Vladimir deserves
>credit for his latest analysis.
>It also is strange that Ponce and now Ruiz started relaying their
>messages (through Hugh Rodwell and J Plant) soon after some one
>a message to this list from the Peruvian Information Ministry (?)
>that they were getting messages from this list.

Siddartha is right, and obviously vigilant.  It was a posting emanating from
an account of Fujimori's Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Moreover, there was also a second one. This time they were talking about=

One lurker says to the other (In Spanish Peruvian jargon):

"This buddy is a Shining Path supporter - however, what he says about
stem-cells is valuable.  We can use it for data in the treatment of lupus"

So, Fancy Godena making such a good impression, heh?

Here it is - for your collection of admiring mailers, Lou!:

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el pata es senderista pero lo que importa es el dato sobre el stem
cell para
pelear contra el lupus, hay datos utiles.G.

At 18:00 30/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>1996 has been a seminal year for the development of  "stem
>mother cells from which all human blood is formed.   In February,=20
a US Food
>and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee recommended
approval for
>Cellpro's stem cell purificaton technique;  full approval is
expected by the
>end of the year.    Stem cell purification techniques developed by
>and Baxter,  another US company,  are already on the market in
Europe.  =20
>Stem cells are important for a number of reasons.   Because they
are capable
>of producing every kind of blood cell--white blood cells,  red
blood cells,
>platelets,  etc.--they guarantee the recipient a fully functioning
>circulatory system.    Hundreds of cancer patients,   for example,=20
>successfully received stem cell transplants,  and trials are
underway for
>treatment of severe multiple sclerosis at the Medical College of
>And physicians at the University of Nevada have used fetal stem
>transplants to cure several cases of "bubble boy disease"--a
condition which
>causes infants to be born with no immune system.   There is much
real hope
>that stem cell transplants can eventually help cure a host of
>disorders and viral infections such as AIDS.
>Too,  since stem cells make the white blood cells after they have
>placed in a patient,  researchers believe they carry less risk of
>rejected by a recipient's immune system in a donor transplant.  =20
That could
>substantially reduce the incidence of deadly
>Most importantly,  though,  stem cells are in a "purer" state than
>later-generation blood cells.   They are therefore more likely to
be largely
>free of malignancies and other defects.    This "purity" forms the
basis of
>the most proven use for stem cell transplants to date: to
repopulate the
>circulatory systems--including the immune systems--of cancer
>Stem cells can actually restore a cancer patient's immune system
after the
>devastating effects of chemotherapy.     And findings indicate
that leftover
>cancer cells in the blood may play a big role in cancer relapse
>cancer-for which stem cells transplants have most frequently been
>believed to be especially susceptible to lingering blood cell
>A number of companies have developed cell selection techniques to
>stem cells.   Most-including Baxter,  RPR and Gencell-rely on
>that bind to the cells.    Baxter covers the surface of the
antibody with
>charged beads and extracts the cells by magnets.    Cellpro coats
the stem
>cells with a vitamin,  then runs the mixture through an egg-white
>for which the vitamin has an affinity,  while SyStemix uses a
>laser system to pull out stem cells (they claim the highest rate
>"purity"--though it is expensive is difficult to use for large
>Stem cell therapy represents the most thorough application to date
>intense capital penetration into the field of biotechnology.  =20
Its payoff,
>judging from these preliminary results looks to be beyond
imagination. =20
>The successful development of this technology will not only of
>further enhance science's role as an externality of capitalist
>it will--together with the final dilineation of DNA research--all
>complete the commodification of life itself.    It, too,  will
usher in
>necessary forms in which labor--as we have heretofore understood
>exist only superfluously.   =20
>As stem cell research progresses into the area of autoimmune
diseases such
>as multiple sclerosis,  rheumatoid arthritus and lupus,  the way
will be
>opened--together with more traditional gene therapy--to truly
>not only science,  but the basic relations of production within
this field
>Louis Godena   =20
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