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                            Press Release
        For More Information: Carlos Estrada (415) 648-5257

    Massive Demonstration of Immigrants in San Francisco on October 12
    100 Artists and 85 Political, Community, Labor and Service Provider
                        Organizations to Demand
    Non-Compliance With Anti-Immigrant Laws, Immigrant Voting Rights
                for Non-Citizens and An End to INS Raids.
                 SF Event Coincide With March on Washington

Supported by unions, political organizations, some elected officers,
popular Spanish Radio stations such as La Grande 1010 and "La Z" --
which are calling to attend the event --, service providers and
other Latino media, the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) is planning a
display of "unity, strenght and political determination" of the
immigrant community in San Francisco to demand
rights and an end to the "scapegoating policies of Washington and
Sacramento" -- according to Berta Hernández, one of the organizers.
"Our purpose is to organize our community as a political
force to be reckon with" -- she added Billed as Immigrant Pride Day
'96, the event will feature over 100 artists and performers,
informational booth and tables, speakers from the immigrant community
and elected officers and the "Consulta Popular" -- Immigrant Referendum
-- a voting procedure established by the MDI in which non-citizens are
being invited to cast votes on issues and candidates that will be on
the ballot in the November election and to answer questions about what
their main concerns are.  The organizers indicated that the "Consulta
Popular started on September 15 and continues until Immigrant Pride Day
on October 12.  We expect about 10,000 non-citizens to cast a vote".
Carlos Petroni, coordinator of the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI)
added that "many times people and organizations claim to speak in our
name.  It is about time we speak by ourselves".

The San Francisco Immigrant Pride Day coincide with a large march on
Washington organized at the same day and time by over 1,000
organizations.  October 12 is known in Latin America as the
"Dia de La Raza" (Day of La Raza) and is generally understood as a Day
of protest against the Spanish invasion of the continent.


                Día del Orgullo Inmigrante '96*
                    Immigrant Pride Day '96*
                        AND 85 ORGANIZATIONS
    (10,000 Immigrants Expected to Attend -- Coincide with the
                    Latino March on Washington)

10 AM - 6PM

Music, Singers; Folk Dance; Aztec Dance;  Performers,
 Children's Activities, Theater
Quebradita, Ranchera, Andean Music, Latin American Music and Dance;
Rock in Spanish
SPEAKERS (Representatives of Our Communities)

.. and much more!

Immigrant Voting Rights
No La Migra (INS) Raids!
No Compliance with Anti-Immigrant Laws!
Participate in the Consulta Popular:
Many organizations claim to speak in the name of the Immigrant
Now, Immigrants Themselves Speak Up and Cast a Vote!  --
On Issues, Candidates, Services, etc

Organized by:
Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) and Sponsored by 85 labor, political,
community and service provider organizations.

Partial List of Organizations Sponsoring Immigrant Pride Day '96 on
Saturday, October 12 -- Mission and 24th Streets - San Francisco

Sponsor, Organizer and Participant Organizations (Partial List):

Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI-Latino) and Immigrant Rights Movement -
Coalition; Real Alternatives Program/Casa de los Jóvenes; Civil Rights
for All Coalition; Community United Against Violence; SEIU, Local 535;
HERE, Local 2 The Riley Center; Asian AIDS Project;  Mutual Assistance
Association Council Inc.; Real Alternatives Program (RAP); CARAL-NORTH;
International Institute of San Mateo; Family Violence Project;
Immigrant HIV Assistance Project/ SF Bar Association; Asian Law Caucus;
Comité de Nicaraguenses en el Exilio;  Latino Coalition for a Healthy
California; Coalition to Fight for Equality; La Raza Information
Center; La Raza, UCSF; Asian Pacific Student Council; La Raza Unida
Club; Students for Immigrant Rights; Committee of
Gays/Lesbians/Bisexuals/Transgenders of Color; Perú Sol y Vida; SF
Women’s Center Women’s Building; Oakland Chinese Community Council;
Left Opposition Magazine; Bay Area Homelessness Program BAHD/CHHS;
American Friends Service Committee; Mission Hiring Hall; Nuevo
Horizonte Newspaper; El Reportero Newspaper; Radio La Grande 1010;
Radio KZSF; Instituto Familiar de La Raza; YWCA, Mission Girls; Mission
Recreation Center; Immigrant Labor Organizing Committee; Horizons
Unlimited; Food First; Youth in Action; Southern Exposure; Radical
Women/Freedom Socialist Party; Mission Youth Soccer League; Career
Resources Development Center; La Raza, UCSF; SF Domestic Violence
Consortium; Good Samaritan Family Resource Center; We the People Take
Back San Francisco; Dolores Street Community Services; Coalition for
Environmental Justice; El Andar Newspaper; Center for Third World
Organizing; Filipinos Against 209; SF National Organization for Women;
Community Boards of San Francisco; Peace and Freedom Party; Socialist
Workers Party; International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission;
Latin American Cultural Association; Mission Reading Clinic; New
College of California; Committee for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
Physicians for Social Responsability; Iris Center;
Gays/Lesbians/Bisexual/Transgenders Immigration Task Force; Interfaith
Coalition for Immigrant Rights; Línea Nocturna; Coalition for Low
Income Housing; Latinos Against Proposition 209; Students for Immigrant
Rights -- Berkeley, Davies, UCSF and others.

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