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Doug said;

"Say what you like about Adolfo, but he's rooted in a real struggle in a
real country, and shows real knowledge of Peru's political and social

I am and my comrades are also rooted in the Peruvian class struggle. I
participated in many general strikes, demonstrations and occupations and was
in jail several times. I have comrades and friends killed by the army and by
the PCP-SL. We are not living in a comfortable three decades exile in London
living outside the workers movement, like Olaechea. We are part of the

Olaechea doesn't do anything rather than writing like mad in his computer. I
have to engage in other activities as a modest working class activist.
Olaechea is not a good opponent. He is a complete IGNORANT of what is happening
in Peru. he doesn't know what is happening inside the workers movement. He
is a professional slander machine. He doesn't deserve much more attention.
He lost the battle.

Doug, Olaechea proved that he doesn't "show real knowledge of Peru's
political and social structures." He proves that he constantly distorts
reality. He can invent that in Lima in 1963 there was a soviet which he led,
that 90% of the Peruvians are unemployed, that the industrial workers and
factories don't exist, that Blanco supported the military junta, that all
the left are CIA agents which deserveed to be murdered, that the PCP-SL led no
less than 40% of the Peruvian territory (when they doesn't led any single
province!), etc.

He doesn't reply to my questions and observations. he couldn't reply to Hugh
or Plant. He couldn't reply to Ruiz. He couldn't accept the invitation to
write in a historical journal on his 1963 "soviet" because it was an

If people like Doug want to believe in Olaechea they have the right to be
naive and believe that the pigs could fly.

I want to finish my polemic with Olaechea because I have many other things
to do and he couldn't answer any of my criticisms. He showed an incredible
capacity to lie and slander without any blush. His only answer is to say
that everybody who doesn't agree with him is part of the Fujimori-CIA
plot.He said that all the union and popular organisations are "fascists"
bodies which have to be smashed.

Some left-wingers accused the PCP-SL of being fascists, I don't. I defend
them against repression because they are anti-imperialists but I also
consider them as anti-working class party (like the JVP in Sri lanka or the
Naxalites in India). I rejects his strategy. I am for building a WORKERS
revolutionary party in class oposition to the PCP-SL militarist
mao-stalinists petit bourgeoisie. This new party should emerge as part of a
regroupment process which have to be produced around the discussion process
and joint actions between Poder Obrero, the Socialist Current and other far
left forces.

Doug, a frustrated "left observer" asked:

"If this is what Trots are all about, why then have they failed so dismally
in the world of real politics? Why do Trot parties constantly split, purge,
and devolve into strange personality cults? Does their tendency to parse
every phrase for subtle evidence of heresy have anything to do with it? Or
their habit of repeating empty formulas endlessly (as demonstrated by our
own power trio Malecki-Rodwell-Vlad)?"

Doug, the PCP-SL is even worst than the trots sects that you came across.
The PCP-SL is based in a personal cult around a living god. The basis of
unity of the PCP is not its programme: it is chairman Gonzalo. When he say
"peace agreement" all his sheep agree. The faction that doesn't agree have
to argue that Gonzalo is with them (sic). The PCP-SL doesn't expel, they
KILL hundreds of dissidents and opponents.

I don't have a direct access to the marxism-list and to the internet. Next
time I would like to send some documents on the class struggle in Peru.


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