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Mon Oct 7 19:10:28 MDT 1996

>It is fitting that,  given Adolfo's temporary absence from cyberspace,  we
>should witness a flood of e-mail attacking him from all quarters.    And
>now,  perhaps inevitably,  a person or persons unknown from Poder Obrero, a
>dreary,  impecunious little sect of nonentities feels emboldened to crawl
>forth.   Or,  rather,  forward through willing intermediaries.    Shame on
>you,   Mr Plant!
>What did Lenin say about the Socialist Revolutionaries?    "We at least make
>a fearsome noise!!"
>We are treated, subsequently,  to that most dubious of political capital,
>Trotskyite "history".    Not that Trotsky himself was not frequently cogent
>and correct during the October Revolution and its aftermath--who can
>credibly doubt it?--it is his own degeneration as a politician and historian
>in exile,  reduced in the final years to feeding at imperialism's trough,
>that always becomes the issue.    Still,  I wonder what Trotsky himself
>would have thought of the Poders and Obreros of this world.    Would he have
>sunk into an ever deeper dispair?
>Whatever.   Marxism 1 is not long for this world.   Yet the Peruvians,  in
>the most deceitful manner,  have launched--through surrogates-- a last
>minute attack on a friend who cannot at this time defend himself.    I have,
>accordingly,  forwarded their posts to someone whose stomach permits a
>closer acquaintance with the legal left in Peru than I am able to muster.
>The Poder Obreros of cyberspace will be answered,  in good time,  on the
>unmoderated successor to Marxism 1.  Or,  perhaps,  we should start a new
>list.    One where statements like "Mao disarmed the Indonesian
>revolutionaries" can be deconstructed and rebuilt to provide some sort of
>comic relief?    How about Bad History and Marxism?
>Suggestions,   anyone?
>Louis Godena

No Louis.  I have not yet left the list since I can spare still a couple of
days.  I will be unsubscribing soon though since it is beyond my will now
and other pressing tasks are occupying my time.

By now even malecki can see that Poder Obrero are not even good liars and
even malecki - maybe with a little help from the archives given his
selective memory - can serve to expose their blatant counter-revolotuinoary

You now that these fleas use a thick brush to spread their manure and that I
would not go into every one of their absurd allegations.  In Peru we have a
saying, for an example, one button is sufficient!.

Here is their "button":

>the conflict with Ecuador, instead of advocating a Leninist defeatism
>in both sides and the fraternisation of the workers of Peru and
>Ecuador, the PCP_SL called for the defence of Peru's borders.

>Poder Obrero

Even malecki knows that such is an absurd lie.  We had precisely this debate
in this list (the one concerning the position of the Turkish communists
vis-a-vis Cyprus and the Peruvian Communist vis-a-vis the Peru-Ecuador
conflict).  Then we had occassion of republishing Committee Sol-Peru's
that malecki even "took his hat off".  Now that he has proof of the lying
character of his "comrades" working for the Fujimori regime, would malecki
accept that he has been very foolish?

I am sure anyone with access to the Marxisn archives can refresh the memory
of the forgetful Trots in this list who have made asses of themselves a
second time round by playing the game of the Fujimori SIN!


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