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Tue Oct 8 00:17:24 MDT 1996

>     Well, on about the next-to-the-last day he had,
>it looks as if Louis P. has finally caught malecki in
>an outright absurdity.  Much of malecki's book has
>seemed pretty fatuous, but indeed the "Chrysler plant
>of General Motors" is a real doozy.  Malecki, are sure
>that it was not the "Ford plant of Chrysler" or maybe
>the "General Motors plant of Chrysler" or maybe the
>"Ford plant of General Motors" or.....?  And, yes,
>those dates on that Dow stuff do seem a bit confused,
>to say the least.  Don't know about that JFK stuff, I
>mean there are only about a gazillion such theories
>out there....
>     On the other hand, I must say that I rather doubt
>that this is the work of a cop.  More likely some
>combination of too much acid and a desire to get money
>out of suckers....
>     So, which is it, bob, or how much of each?
>     In general, though, the solution is to limit
>volume and largely ignore him.  In the meantime,
>Louis, you get a brownie point and one good Havana
>Groucho cigar for your efforts as a reward.  But this
>does not mean that I would vote for you as moderator
>of any list this side of the Red Planet...., :-)
>Barkley Rosser
>Rosser Jr, John Barkley
>rosserjb at

Well Barkley,

You have been trying obviously very hard to get some browny points for
Proyect and his yelllow journalism. I am fairly sure the the factory was
called the Chysler division of General motors and produced tanks! Lots of
tanks. Today the plant is a huge exposition hall so obviously the plant has
been layed down or moved. And the plant did in fact lie quite near the Ford
Plant in Cleveland.

So the only thing that really has happened is that you have shown yourself
as a wishful thinker, hopping that poor Proyect can come up with some goods
to nail Malecki. Although you are clever enough to cover your ass and state
that you don,t think i am a cop.

However the point is despite the rhetoric is the fact that their *was* a
Tank plant in Cleveland where Malecki worked producing tanks and was fired
when the FBI came in one day and dragged me of the line or not!

So actually the ownly Browny points is the shit on your face Barkely in
sucking up to and wanting to believe anything that Proyect says.

So being Proyect,s boot licker, Here is some more proof, which came in this



I just got the mail.  I don't know what page they had you on but I just got
copies of four articles from the Plain Dealer about you.  They are:

Three War Foes Charges in having Dynamite    6/26/71
Draft Office Vandals Get Prison Terms        7/8/70
Three Cited in Raid on Draft Board           12/10/69
Deadlock Jury Forces Retrain in Grape Fuss   11/4/69

No pictures were included in the articles (which is a shame since I was
curious what you looked like back then.

Do you want me to send you xerox copies or do you want me to type them to
you tomorrow?

However, There appears to be a lot of stuff lacking. Especially about
activities in Ohio as well as other places. But hopefully this material will
be coming in the future.
I also notice your inconsistency Barkely along with Proyect the yellow
journalist. Aldolfo is saying some pretty horrible things and advocating
murder in the workers movement. But you are silent about demanding proof
>from this Stalinist. Why is that?

Bob Malecki

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