Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Tue Oct 8 00:18:46 MDT 1996

Chris B flogs a very dead horse:

>Doug has concisely pointed out your attempts to
>dominate the open list by sheer volume.

This is the craziest contribution on this subject yet. Ever heard of the
delete key?

By this reasoning, the best list would be one punter writing a thousand
uncontradicted postings a day. That's Louis P's dream, not mine.

>You called Hugh, for the maintenance of a completely
>open list, with no holds barred, ie no limits on
>volume, because you are confident you can win on
>that front as well of course as politically and


>I suggest to you,
>a) that Spoons may have no interest in maintaining
>a list where it has become a battle of volume.

Spoon has stated, for what it's worth, that there will be an unmoderated
list. Live with it.

>If you want a completely open arena to exist, and
>you are confident of your ideas, it is in your
>interest too that there are some volume limits.




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