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Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Oct 8 00:17:31 MDT 1996

>Robert: (quoting Zeynep)
>>list where people won't have the download 300 messages a day from the same 7
>>people, repeating yesterday's posts. That kind of an overloaded list will
>>remain accessible only to people with a lot of free time and money, both of
>>which communists and revolutionaries, almost by definition lack.
>I agree that a money question in regards to number of posts is revelant!
>Chris: writes;
>I am glad you accept Zeynep's point is a practical question and a class
>I have a complaint: the entire issue# 512 of marxism-digest 34K
>consisted of your mails.  I can afford my telephone bills,
>although I was astonished when I looked at my standing order
>yesterday and I would like them to be lower. But if you are
>consistent in your stated aims of helping poor and working class
>people you will try to set an example on this.

Yes, I promise to post according to the rules set up by Zeynep and others on
the new list. I suggest that you unsub from the open list if you want to
save money.
>In fact the majority of the 34K that has just arrived from you is
>quotations from other people. You could have made  the same points,
>in the same 8 posts but using only say 10K, if you had had the
>courtesy to snip.

I suggest that this is a good idea. However all on this list appear to be
guilty of this crime.
>You act as if being considerate is a merely a sign of middle class or
>bourgeois superiority, and that as a matter of principle
>that you should drop your apostrophe's if you want to, and if
>you remember.

No, in fact my education abnd 25 years of exile effect my typing and spelling.

>Each class has its standards of consideration. No worker would sneeze in
>their mates coffee. Occasional typos - so what?  But if you want to
>continue to participate in an open list, I hope you will set an
>example in ensuring that the list has a chance of being accessible to
>poor and working class people.

Actually i think that my participation represents the intersests opf poor
and working class people. And in order to make this media accessible to poor
and working it will take a lot more then your preeching to Malecki to cut
his posts.

Bob Malecki

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