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Mon Oct 7 22:42:15 MDT 1996

Jon Flanders wrote:
> Adam,
>   Last night I watched a bit of Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference
> on C-Span, followed by the Clinton-Dole debate, which I watched for a
> half-hour or so.
>   I was struck by the Reagan-Clintonesque image Blair projected. This is truly
> an international phenomenon of the television age.
>   Blow-dried Blair offered up sentimental anecdotes, platitudes and paens to
> opponents in the grand Reagan tradition. We have come a long way in bourgeois
> politics from the haggard image of Nixon in the 1960 debate with Kennedy.
>   The irony of all this is, that as the ruling class has become more
> sophisticated in their image-mongering, their audience ratings drop. There is
> virtually no discussion up to now of the presidential campaign on my shop
> floor. Unlike the situtation you describe in England, the rank and file expect
> very little from another four years of Clinton. From the point of view of the
> ruling class, this is one of his sucesses, I suppose.
>  Jon Flanders
>   E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 07-Oct-1996

I wouldn't stand a chance as an opportunist politition. My hair looks
like that of Beetlejuice from the movie unless I plaster it flat with
gell. Thats my favorite movie BTW; I think that says a lot about me, but
I'm not sure what!

Politics between the large parties is getting more and more like that of
the US; even with negative personalised advertising. Despite the
statements of the entire Labour leadership there are high expectations
>from the working class. Many people strangley think that they don't
really mean what they say. Somehow all the right wing statements are
there to fool the media and the soft Tories.

I think that when Labour wins the next election, they will be under a
lot of pressure. How much that pressure will have an effect....? It is
up to us to make sure that it does, and at the same time work with the
people who will become politisised during that process.


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