the timely arrival of Poder Obrero

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Oct 8 00:17:35 MDT 1996

>No Louis.  I have not yet left the list since I can spare still a couple of
>days.  I will be unsubscribing soon though since it is beyond my will now
>and other pressing tasks are occupying my time.
>By now even malecki can see that Poder Obrero are not even good liars and
>even malecki - maybe with a little help from the archives given his
>selective memory - can serve to expose their blatant counter-revolotuinoary
>You now that these fleas use a thick brush to spread their manure and that I
>would not go into every one of their absurd allegations.  In Peru we have a
>saying, for an example, one button is sufficient!.
>Here is their "button":
>>the conflict with Ecuador, instead of advocating a Leninist defeatism
>>in both sides and the fraternisation of the workers of Peru and
>>Ecuador, the PCP_SL called for the defence of Peru's borders.
>>Poder Obrero
>Even malecki knows that such is an absurd lie.  We had precisely this debate
>in this list (the one concerning the position of the Turkish communists
>vis-a-vis Cyprus and the Peruvian Communist vis-a-vis the Peru-Ecuador
>conflict).  Then we had occassion of republishing Committee Sol-Peru's
>that malecki even "took his hat off".  Now that he has proof of the lying
>character of his "comrades" working for the Fujimori regime, would malecki
>accept that he has been very foolish?

The above is true Aldolfo. You did write a document that wasn,t bad. However
my question here is that what you wrote does not neccessarily mean that the
PCP in Peru had the same position. And if you have a document which proves
that this is the case from the PCP then i suggest you submit it to the list.

I also said at the time that i "knew nothing" about the murder of the
militant in question and could not take a position. However now it appears
that material is coming which certainly has to be answered by you and the
PCP. PO are making some very grave accusations and your only answers is that
it is just and right to murder all opponents to the PCP on the left as
Fujimora agents. And your arguements only strengthen the fact that the
political line of the PCP and Aldolfo is murdering political opponents on
the left as enemies of the revolution. While Gonzalo appears on TV with the
generals talking about peace. Looks to me like you are going to have to come
up with some real documentation and politics in regards to these matters.
Because at this time you are hitting a new low.

bob Malecki
>I am sure anyone with access to the Marxisn archives can refresh the memory
>of the forgetful Trots in this list who have made asses of themselves a
>second time round by playing the game of the Fujimori SIN!
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