On Cuba & Stuart Hall & Louis Proyect

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Oct 8 00:59:55 MDT 1996

Comrade Louis P. has sent me his Cuban posts for my Latin-American cinema
class.  And I would like to thank him publicly and say that they are very
much appreeciated by my students.

Now Louis' final thoughts on Cuba were that we need to defend this last
bastion of socialism whatever its faults.  I endorse this attitude totally.
But here it is interesting to note the contrast between Louis' position and
that of Stuart Hall,  former doyen of British Marxism. In his film on Cuba
>from the Redemption Song series he made about the Caribean in 1991 he
describes Cuba and Usa as "two doinosaurs still locked in mortal combat"
while all around them the "ice is melting".

He accuses Castro and the USA of being in what Bhaskar would call a
duplicitous pairing i.e. seemingly in opposition but mutually dependent.

How could Hall say this in 1991 the year of the triumph of Pax Americana?
Sad to see such a fine thinker sink to this. Somehow  though it makes it
easier to understand what happened  to all those CPGB refugees from Thatcher
that came to Australia, folk like Tony Bennett who has lived to lead the
"policy" counter revolution in Cultural Studies. That is the notion that we
should refine our analyses so  that they can become part of government policy.



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