Statement to Tony Blair

Steve Wallis S.Wallis at
Tue Oct 8 06:28:54 MDT 1996

Hi Adam,

Yes, I'm back to haunt you!

A few weeks ago you said that it was in the interests of the
right-wing Labour Party leadership to retain their links with the
trade unions.

Now, your party (the SWP) says:

>We protest:
>2.  At statements from shadow employment minister Stephen Byers suggesting that
>Labour should sever its links with the unions the moment the election has been
>won with union money.

Have you changed your mind, or do you disagree with your party's
position on this issue?

It is quite amusing seeing Adam accuse Militant Labour of being
"ultra-left".  We have recognised that Labour has changed
qualitatively and they haven't.


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