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Tue Oct 8 16:12:00 MDT 1996

I attach a further post from PO

There is an hysterical campaign of slanders against Poder Obrero and everybody
who disagrees with Olaechea. For Olaechea ALL his opponents, no matter how big
the differences between them (Plant, Malecki, Quispe, the RIM, Hugh, Ruiz,
Ponce, Poder Obrero, etc.) are agents.  Escaping from the discussion and
poisoning it with accusations, is the attitude and the method which reflects a
complete incapacity of answering politically.

Some comrades unfortunately were captured in that trap.
One person (Sidarta) said: "It also is strange that Ponce and now Ruiz
started relaying their messages (through Hugh Rodwell and J Plant) soon after
some one send a message to this list from the Peruvian Information Ministry (?)
saying that they were getting messages from this list."

Olaechea immediately wrote: "Siddartha is right"

Which is the message from the Peruvian Information Ministry? What are the
proofs of that? Some times Olaechea took a message from his opponents and
re-sent to the marxism list with a heading that said things like this:

PLANT can't see that his game is up! , etc.

How can a message be written in the Peruvian Information Ministry IF IT DOESN'T

Sidarta also wrote:
>Some time ago, there was an article in The Nation (a liberal-left >weekly)
laying some of these same charges against the "Shining Path". >The author of
this article was subsequently traced to be the wife of >some one high up in the
Peruvian govt of Alberto Fujimori.

Doug reply: "Really? As a contrib editor of the magazine, I'd like to hear
more. Which author, which article, which issue, and which official of
Fujimori's government?"

Until now Doug didn't receive an answer.

Olaechea doesn't have any limit to his slanderous and provocative attitude. He
wrote "Siddartha is right. Moreover, there was also a second one. This time
they were talking about Godenas.One lurker says to the other (In Spanish
Peruvian jargon):"This buddy is a Shining Path supporter - however, what he
says about stem-cells is valuable.  We can use it for data in the treatment of

In the marxism list there are some Peruvians which are subscribed. One of them
(Garcia) wrote that one information in a Godenas message is valuable despite
his political positions. Nevertheless, Olaechea accuse him of being another
member of the "Peruvian Information Ministry".

For the people outside Peru you would not understand how dangerous is what
Olaechea suggests. If one PCPSL supporter denounces a person as working to the
Peruvian state security, this person could receive an intimidation letter or a
visit of a PCPSL "combatant" or even some physical punishment. Many good
comrades, like Chiara, were killed.

Nobody is putting at risk Olaechea's security. On the contrary, we will always
defend his freedoms. Nevertheless, when he accuses everybody as "spies",
"agents" or "members of the POeruvian Information Ministry" he is suggesting
that they could be punished by the only "revolutionary" party in the universe.

Comrades from other countries. In Peru the left not only has to defend itself
against the state but also against these kind of provocations and murders! This
is not a lie. See the list of tens of left-wingers attacked by the PCPSL.

Poder Obrero is a small trotskyist group in Peru linked with another small
group in Bolivia. We are in discussions with other groups in Colombia,
Argentina, Europe and the US. We produced tens of papers and pamphlets. Some of
our documents were printed in English in the pages of Workers News (paper of
the WIL), Weekly Worker (paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain),
Morning Star (paper of the CPB), Workers News (paper of the WRP), News Line
(daily of the WRP), Revolutionary History, etc. As you can see a great variety
of organisations, from the pro-Moscow stalinists through the
Healyites reproduced some of our articles. The different Spartacists currents
criticised us very strongly.

For many years Workers Power, Trotskyist International and Trotskyist
Bulletin published regularly our materials but we broke with them one year ago
when they decided that in a conflict between NATO and Serbia they advocated
dual defeatism and that imperialism should give weapons and men to their
Bosnian allies. Some publications, like Internationalist Bulletin in Europe and
Class Struggle in Australia-New Zealand are printing regularly our positions.

The comrade from the NCP said to John Plant, which received our publications
since many years ago:

"I have absolutely no doubts that you are being used by the dirty tricks
department of a fascist regime. I am sure that you would not knowingly do that,
but these people that you are helping are the ones who would kill just about
everyone on this list given the chance."

I recommend the NCP comrade to not be part of an hysteria organised by
Olaechea. For the report that we know from our comrades in Bolivia. In May 1995
in Britain one supporter of Poder Obrero (Bolivia) organised a big campaign
against the state of emergency which gathered 200 people in one picket on the
embassy and 200 in a rally with Tony Benn. The NCP supported those actions and
established some contacts with one of our supporters.

The NCP knows Workers Power in Britain for 21 years. The NCP have terrible
disagreements with them but they never accused them as "fascists" or "agents".
We were in close relations with WP in Britain for nearly one decade until we
broke. Most probably the NCP would have more sympathies with our position on
Bosnia than with WP.

I asked the NCP comrade to reconsider his position. He was mislead by a slander
campaign. The same thing I recommend to Vladimir.

jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

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