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I forward the following at the request of PO

In all the messages which Adolfo sent he didn't want to answer:

* Why he lie on the question of a soviet in Lima 1963 which didn't exist at all
and which he claimed to be the leader?

* Why he lie when he wrote that the working class is nearly non-existent in
Peru because nearly all Peruvians (90%) are unemployed and that doesn't exist

* Why he openly wants to boycott and smash all the unions and the general
strikes (a counter-revolutionary policy)? Only the mass actions and strikes
could defeat Fujimori and not isolated elitist militarist actions against the
will of the masses.

* Why he said that Chiara was an agent which deserve to be kill? why is
correct to support the sectarian killings of members of all left parties in

* Why the PCP-SL is against workers councils and militias and against a
workers revolution, and why it is in favour of a government whit the
national bourgeoisie?

* What proof does he have that Gonzalo is ten meters under the ground and is
not actively supporting a "peace" capitulation to the regime (something that
every peruvian with some knowledge of the political situation knows very well
is truth)?

* etc., etc.

The only thing that Olaechea answers is in the question of the Ecuador-Peru
war. He claims that Poder Obrero is slandering the PCPSL because they didn't
support the defence of the Peruvian borders. So, that means that he accepts the
rest of our criticisms!

As Malecki said Olaechea only reproduced a leaflet which he wrote in London
which is *not* the position of the PCPSL in Peru.

In Peru we produced a leaflet calling for the revolutionary defeatism in
both sides and for a socialist federation of Peru, Ecuador and the region. None
of these demands were in the Olaechea leaflet, because he *Opposed* them.

For him in Peru and Ecuador we should not fight for a socialist revolution. The
PCPSL is for a BOURGEOIS new democratic revolution which would create a new
BOURGEOIS "popular" republic. The PCPSL is AGAINST  socialist revolution also
because they call for the destruction of the organs which would make that
revolution (such as the unions, councils and militias). The PCPSL didn't call
on the Ecuadorian workers to make strikes and councils against the war. In
Olaechea's message they only ask the Ecuadorian workers to wait until the PCPSL
would take power in Peru.

In Europe Olaechea has to make a more "internationalist" leaflet. In Peru they
wrote nationalist positions. The PCPSL denounced Fujimori for preparing a war
with the aim of killing the prisoners but also the PCPSL denounced Fujimori for
being incapable of defending the integrity of the Peruvian state. Lenin was
against the defence of the integrity of Russia. He was for revolutionary
defeatism in both sides and for a socialist federation of the region!

In Olaechea's leaflet it is possible to read:  "That is why, not only
with Ecuador, but also with Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil, the rotten old
Peruvian state adopted a policy of *concessions*. They turned a blind eye and
allowed military garrisons from those countries to enter Peruvian territory."

In Peru they directly accused Fujimori of allowing Ecuador to
rape Peruvian territory. The PCPSL promised to protect the borders.

Today Gonzalo is advocating the necessity to produce a peace agreement with the

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