Godenas defends Adolfo : notes of a social democratic gasbag

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>Godenas thundered from Valhalla :
>>How many people read 'Revolutionary History'?
>At the last count that would make it ten more than want to read=20
>anything from you, pal.
>jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

Except of course some gentlemen from the CIA run Fujimori National
Intelligence Service posting from an account in the Peruvian Scientific
Network (where Fujimori has installed its Internet listening post).

Here is what these "fans" of Louis godena commented anong each other while
unloading files and inadvertedly sending a copy of their exchange to the
open list:

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el pata es senderista pero lo que importa es el dato sobre el stem
cell para
pelear contra el lupus, hay datos utiles.G.

FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT READ SPANISH, Godenas fans lurking in the list say to
each other:

This chap is a "Shining Path" supporter, however, what matters is the data
on combating lupus.  There is useful information. G.

(At least, unlike frivoulous Mr. Plant, these people - whatever else they
may be or do - know something scientific and a serious intellectual when
they see it.!=20


And here is the message from comrade Godena which they reproduce:

At 18:00 30/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>1996 has been a seminal year for the development of  "stem
>mother cells from which all human blood is formed.   In February,=20
a US Food
>and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee recommended
approval for
>Cellpro's stem cell purificaton technique;  full approval is
expected by the
>end of the year.    Stem cell purification techniques developed by
>and Baxter,  another US company,  are already on the market in
Europe.  =20
>Stem cells are important for a number of reasons.   Because they
are capable
>of producing every kind of blood cell--white blood cells,  red
blood cells,
>platelets,  etc.--they guarantee the recipient a fully functioning
>circulatory system.    Hundreds of cancer patients,   for example,=20
>successfully received stem cell transplants,  and trials are
underway for
>treatment of severe multiple sclerosis at the Medical College of
>And physicians at the University of Nevada have used fetal stem
>transplants to cure several cases of "bubble boy disease"--a
condition which
>causes infants to be born with no immune system.   There is much
real hope
>that stem cell transplants can eventually help cure a host of
>disorders and viral infections such as AIDS.
>Too,  since stem cells make the white blood cells after they have
>placed in a patient,  researchers believe they carry less risk of
>rejected by a recipient's immune system in a donor transplant.  =20
That could
>substantially reduce the incidence of deadly
>Most importantly,  though,  stem cells are in a "purer" state than
>later-generation blood cells.   They are therefore more likely to
be largely
>free of malignancies and other defects.    This "purity" forms the
basis of
>the most proven use for stem cell transplants to date: to
repopulate the
>circulatory systems--including the immune systems--of cancer
>Stem cells can actually restore a cancer patient's immune system
after the
>devastating effects of chemotherapy.     And findings indicate
that leftover
>cancer cells in the blood may play a big role in cancer relapse
>cancer-for which stem cells transplants have most frequently been
>believed to be especially susceptible to lingering blood cell
>A number of companies have developed cell selection techniques to
>stem cells.   Most-including Baxter,  RPR and Gencell-rely on
>that bind to the cells.    Baxter covers the surface of the
antibody with
>charged beads and extracts the cells by magnets.    Cellpro coats
the stem
>cells with a vitamin,  then runs the mixture through an egg-white
>for which the vitamin has an affinity,  while SyStemix uses a
>laser system to pull out stem cells (they claim the highest rate
>"purity"--though it is expensive is difficult to use for large
>Stem cell therapy represents the most thorough application to date
>intense capital penetration into the field of biotechnology.  =20
Its payoff,
>judging from these preliminary results looks to be beyond
imagination. =20
>The successful development of this technology will not only of
>further enhance science's role as an externality of capitalist
>it will--together with the final dilineation of DNA research--all
>complete the commodification of life itself.    It, too,  will
usher in
>necessary forms in which labor--as we have heretofore understood
>exist only superfluously.   =20
>As stem cell research progresses into the area of autoimmune
diseases such
>as multiple sclerosis,  rheumatoid arthritus and lupus,  the way
will be
>opened--together with more traditional gene therapy--to truly
>not only science,  but the basic relations of production within
this field
>Louis Godena   =20
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