Vladimir Good, Vladimir Bad

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Tue Oct 8 14:19:47 MDT 1996

>Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>> Funny how you know and love someone when you agree with them, isn't it?
>> And loathe them when you don't.
>> Didn't Marx call that dialectics? Or was it Stalin explaning Marx? Can't
>> quite remember...
>> Cheers,
>> Hugh

To which Richard replied:

>I have never said that I loathe Vladimir, and if you check back on any
>references I have agreed more than disagreed. When he is in anylytical
>mode I often agree, when he is in sloganising mode I disagree.

His piece about the rotten block was highly analytical.

His piece advising caution was sloganizing for what he one-sidedly and
wrongly appears to view as the actually existing socialist revolution in

Funny how labels vary according to whether someone's polemicizing with you
or against you, isn't it?

One second the Stalinists characterize Vlad as a certifiable lunatic and an
agent of Peruvian reaction & the CIA, the next he can do no wrong and his
least fart is as heavenly incense.

Makes you think...



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