COUNTER_REVOLUTIONARY SHROUD WAVING on behalf of Fujimori and imperialism!

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Tue Oct 8 11:22:06 MDT 1996

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>Godenas ex cathedra thus :
>>   Shame on you,   Mr Plant!
>Bizarre concept of a marxist mailing list, where it is shameful to post
>relevant information and polemic. I invited PO to provide me with their views
>and information, and posted them here for discussion. This is, apparently,
>exactly what you wish to do in respect of PO's posts. Presumably you feel no
>shame ?
>It is regrettable that Adolfo has abandoned this battle before he could be
>forced to deal with the facts from PO. I look forward to hearing from your
>friends, but if they have any concerns about their security, please do not
>insist on them posting directly. A list subscriber in good standing such as
>yourself can be trusted to forward mail where it may be necessary.
>Your points about timing of 'attacks' on Adolfo are fraudulent. He has been
>maintaining a copious flow of slander against the Trotskyists from and in Peru
>for over a week and only announced his imminent departure very recently,
>already received and commented on material from PO on several occasions. It is
>really rather silly, and not a little discreditable,to make these claims when
>the archive contains the complete story.
>jplant at
The Poder Obrero - like Plant - are not "leftists" of any recognisable sort.
They are counter-revolutionaries which stand to the right even of the
Peruvian fascist generals who at least have the honesty of admitting thet
the waving of phoney "socialists" shrouds is their own original idea!
Plant, Rodwell, and poder Obrero are nothing but the monkeys of these organs
grinders.  Their whole aim is to discredit the revolution and regurgitate
the CIA and Fujimori's allegations.  That much is clear from the record.
Nothing these gentlemen have sauid has not been said before by the CIA and
their Pinkerton Agency related publication which is also in the archives of
this list.  The same allegations, and the same system of centering on the
personal aspects, in order to attack the revolution of the Peruvian people.

Plant is the one who has to demonstrate that his presence in this list -
which is a list dedicated to Marxism (and Marxism is revolutionary or it is
nothing) obeys to any other motive to a counter-revolutionary motive.  In
the meantime, I will only comment from time to time with one liners to show
how this counter-revolutionary fraud's only intention in waving scabs
shrouds to serve the ruling classes and imperialism.

It is not the color of the words, or the mask and labels which these people
wear, be it Trotskyst or maoist, or whatever what determines the true
content of their ideology.  It is their objective position and the objective
role of their actions vis-a-vis the struggle of the oppressed peoples that
makes them counter-revolutionary.

That is why is its absolutely just to denounce them as just another
ventriloquist dummy through which the Peruvian tyrant "speaks in foreign
("left-wing") tongues.  A gang of Herr Vogts!

Adolfo Olaechea

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