Stalinist united fronts

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Olaechea continue without ansering political arguments. Now he said that all
his opponents coincided with Fujimori repression:

"the coincidence between the admitted policy of the Peruvian Military
High Command and the actions of Rodwell-Poder-Obrero-Quispe and malecki in
this list."

Olaechea can say anything, except the truth!

A person which is a member of a pro-Moscow Communist party in Britain agree
with that kind of debates:

"The Vladimir that we know and love is back. I was riveted by every word
of your analysis of Mr Ponce."

In Peru ALL the Communist parties, from the pro-Moascow, pro-Cuba,
pro-Beijing and pro-Albania ones, suffered the PCPSL attacks and killings.
Huillca, the maximum leader of the Peruvian unions (member of the
PCP-Unidad, pro-Moscow) was murdered. Saul cantoral, the general secretary
of the Miners Union (the Peruvian Scargil) was also murdered.

These are facts.

Here you have a stalinist united front. In Peru the pro-Moscow and pro-China
Stalinists are killed and attacked by the PCP-SL and are colaborating with
the state against "terrorists". In the imperialist countries the pro-Moscow
and Maoist stalinists are united with the PCP-SL advocates in their common
opposition to the proletarian revolution (trotskyism).

All of them don't like the truth. They like the atmosphere of slanders
typical of Olaechea.

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