Vladimir Good, Vladimir Bad

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Tue Oct 8 16:56:30 MDT 1996

I wrote:

>> One second the Stalinists characterize Vlad as a certifiable lunatic and an
>> agent of Peruvian reaction & the CIA, the next he can do no wrong and his
>> least fart is as heavenly incense.
>> Makes you think...

Louis P replied:

>While we are on the subject of consistency, what *do* you make of
>the Chrysler division of General Motors? Navy Counterintelligence agents
>who enter booby-hatches under false pretenses to spy on Malecki?
>Spectacular anti-Dow Chemical actions that nobody knows about except
>Malecki? You should take a sabbatical from denouncing other people's
>short-comings, Hugh.

Ever heard of cartels? In the defence industry? Anyhow, a tank factory by
any other name would smell as sweet.

The government spying on anti-war people? Weeeird. Wonder who could make up
anything so farfetched? Adolfo?

Spectacular anti-Dow Chemical actions that nobody knows about. Well, there
were so few actions during the brief and victorious campaign of the US
against the pointy hats, so there can have been no actions at all that
weren't mentioned in one of Louis's lunch-time indexes.

Louis doesn't understand that Bob's book is not an essential pillar of my
view of Bob's political positions.

He doesn't realize that Bob's book is a valuable document of the resistance
of ordinary bottom-of-the-pile working or unemployed Americans to the
murderous injustice of their bourgeois government.

He doesn't realize that without the resistance and sacrifice of ordinary
joes, there'd be nothing for him and his petty-bourgeois pals to
administer, patronize and bask in the reflected glory of.

He isn't aware of the repulsion felt by people who can feel the grinding
everyday pressure of the huge, international class conflicts determining
our lives for his short-sighted one-man war of prestige against a war
resister still victimized for his part in the resistance. For his
monumental lack of proportion and perspective in this paranoid and useless

He hates Bob's Trotskyist politics, so he has set himself the task of
destroying them by destroying their bearer, and shrinks from nothing to
achieve his goal.

For months now, and at an incredible pitch of intensity for the past couple
of weeks, we've had a non-stop display of character assassination. One
worthy of the most despicable and pigheaded of Stalin's Show Trial

In the name of calm, rational, common-sense socialist discussion, we've
been treated to a string of hysterical, illogical, farfetched,
petty-bourgeois diatribes.

In the name of unity we've been subjected to a barrage of postings whose
aim has been witch-hunting polarization and the destruction of an opponent
as a person, not his ideas.

As long as Louis shrivels everything he touches by reducing it to
personalizing, psychologizing gossip (with a few statistics thrown in now
and then as the barren womb of his imagination purges yet another wasted
lining and prepares for another round of the same) he will never grasp the
role of the working class in history or the dramatic scope of the class
struggle in which we're all engaged willy-nilly every day of our lives.

He will never understand how marginal this makes him.



PS You get so inured to Louis P's unbounded impertinence that half of his
infamies  slip by unnoticed.

Like the pearl in the paragraph I quote above:

        You should take a sabbatical from denouncing other people's

This person is so self-absorbed that all the advice he so freely doles out
to other people is always addressed to himself.



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