Bourgeois pacifist mutton dressed up as Leninist lamb!

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Tue Oct 8 13:58:06 MDT 1996

How the counter-revolutionary bourgeois pacifism of the Fujimori/CIA
"Trotskysts" of Poder Obrero is nothing but old bourgeois chauvinistic
mutton dressed up as ultrarrrrrrrevolutionary proletarian internationalist lamb.

These totally useless eunuchs - who do not have a single gun of their own
and would never kill their political opponents (even in a civil war) allege
that the policy of the PCP of opposing the counter-revolutionary war with
internationalist People's War is a "petty bourgeois defence of the
fatherland" policy.  They allege it is an anti-Leninist policy.  They show
thus that not only do they have no idea of Leninism, but also that they
complete ignore the concrete conditions of the country where they are
suppossed to be living!

No wonder their "revolution" is always Intergalactic, since the poor souls
do not have their feet on this earth of ours.

Consider:  The war between Peru and Ecuador, as Chairman Gonzalo pointed out
"is not a problem of the people of Peru and Ecuador..... who do not want to
eat borders" but a problem between their respective ruling classes and
reactionary armies, both, the Peruvian and the Ecuador army,  armies of
occupation acting on behalf of the reactionary states both subjected to US
imperialist domination.

However, these eunuchs who would never "kill their political opponents" and
have no guns (why will they need guns for?) advocate that the PCP, which has
guns and can kill its political opponents (since what we are living through
is a civil war, you either kill or you are killed: you either are a hammer
or a nail!) refuse to resist any possible invasion of the REACTIONARY
PRO-IMPERIALIST ARMY OF ECUADOR - and presumably, would also advise their
Ecuadorian counter-parts not to oppose any invasion by the REACTIONARY AND
PRO-IMPERIALIST ARMY OF PERU, under the pretext of not "defending borders".
Not that they could defend any thing except by loudly shrieking "libel",
"murder", "rape" and other sanctimonious crap of Rodwellian manufacture.
Completely useless.

Therefore here we have Peruvian "Poder Obrero", under reactionary military
Ecuadorian occupation in Peru, and the Ecuadorian "Poder Obrero" under
reactionary Peruvian ocupation in Ecuador!  And both lots of "Trots" happily
would continue to live without lifting a finger to oppose that state of affairs.

Why?  Because, everywhere in the planet these swindlers refuse to fight by
revolutionary means against the reactionaries.  Their internationalism is
nothing but the same bourgeois pacifism and the same old Trotskyst
capitulation in the face of the class enemy.

Then they "call for a Federation" of Peru-Ecuador (and the rest of latin
America and the world presumably).  Aren't this silly twits great for
"crying out loud" without lifting a finger to make their calls a reality?

A Federation of what?  Of two reactionary states and armed forces both
subservient to US imperialism!.

There is only one way to defeat the reactionary armies, and that is the
People's War, both in Peru and in Ecuador.  Only countries who are FREE of
imperialist domination can think of joining up their territories, since
otherwise the only thing they would be doing would be strenghtening the
state and the ruling classes which keep the people under imperialist
oppression and exploitation.

The fact that these imbeciles (this is not meant as an insult here, simply
as a scientific description of a glaring reality) can be used by the
Fujimori/US imperialism counter-revolutionary propaganda machine is not
accidental.  We will show this by analysing each and every of their absurd
statements.  But now we are only concerned with this glaring idiocy which
they present as "Leninism".

Let us see what the Peruvian "left-wing" reactionaries (the serious and more
rational ones) have to say about the prospects of Latin-America in respect
with the revolutionary struggle in Peru from the interviews in the book of
Ospina and Declerq:

JOURNALIST -  We are surprised that you - a well known representative of the
legal left, find it so easy to say that the country could be invaded by
foreign troops.......

SENATOR BERNALES -  But that is something logical.  There is no example in
the world in which a country can install a terrorist government and that the
international community would remain idle.  This is because a terrorist
government advocating the world revolution in these terms, can not give
peace of mind to the neighbouring countries, which would be the first to
suffer the consequences.  If this cancer is not dealt with, it would spread.
The risk of a victory for the Shining Path lays in the fact that in 5 or 10
years from now there would be Shining Path governments in Ecuador, Bolivia,
Chile, Colombia.

JOURNALIST -  Then, is the possibility of victory for Shining Path as real
as you think it is?

SENATOR BERNALES -  I am not making fantastic statements.  I have all the
authority to say that we have lost 12 years thinking that Shining Path was
not a danger.  Today Shining Path is an extremely powerful organisation".

>From the Intervie with Former Senator Enrique Bernales Ballesteros.  Former
President of the Special Commission for the Study of Violence and
Pacification Alternatives.  Special UN Functionary/Envoy (Relator)


There it is - as perceived by the phoney left and real
counter-revolutionaries in Peru - the authentic Leninist proletarian
internationalist policy of opposing the reactionary war - not with words and
empty posturing while calling for Intergalactic Federations, bourgeois
pacifism and "passive resistance" - but by undertaking within Peru, and
promoting within Ecuador, the unity of our proletariat and people in the
Leninist road of turning the reactionary war into revolutionary civil war:
The People's War!

That requires that both peoples must resist any occupation by reactionary
forces of their own territories.  Otherwise, the best policy for both
reactionary regimes in order to impose "civil peace" and disarm the class
struggle, would be a simple exchange of armies. Peruvian army marches to
Occupy Ecuador and Ecuadorian army comes to "fight against the Shining Path".

Then the "geniouses" of Poder Obrero - with Rodwell's professorial nodding -
would adopt "passive resistance" under guise of not "fighting to defend the

What the PCP advocated, as reflected both in the Party documents such as
Chairman Gonzalo's own appreciations of the reasons for the conflict, and
Sol Peru's document which was widely circulated all over the world at the
time, that is Leninism in practice and in the concrete situation in Peru!
The rest is the most abyect negation of this under cover of high sounding
phrases.  Real protection of imperialism under guise of "calling for Workers
Power" - What a laugh!


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