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Tue Oct 8 16:35:51 MDT 1996

Proyect puts two and two together:

>Louis: Say, aren't you the feller who worked with Malecki in the Chrysler
>division of General Motors?

Oops! Unmasked already. And in just 24 hours. Shucks, I should have known my
cover wouldn't stand a chance under that all-seeing, incorruptible eye.
Still, it's been a treat watching you go to work: moving with that massive
assurance we all know and admire, scrupulously sifting and marshalling your
evidence piece by piece, piling fact on fact, leaving no stone unturned in
your undeviating course towards  the only conceivable conclusion. What
powers of synthesis! What a brilliant display of deductive reasoning!
Wonderful, isn't it, what a few hours practice in a public library can do?

There are of course a few small difficulties. I mean I've never actually met
or corresponded with Bob Malecki, or for that matter worked for a chemical
(or automobile) company. Come to that I haven't set foot in the US since I
was fifteen. But to a man of your abilities, these are trifles, I know.
Please let me know how you get on.

Stuart Sheild

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