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>On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>> One second the Stalinists characterize Vlad as a certifiable lunatic and an
>> agent of Peruvian reaction & the CIA, the next he can do no wrong and his
>> least fart is as heavenly incense.
>> Makes you think...
>Louis: While we are on the subject of consistency, what *do* you make of
>the Chrysler division of General Motors? Navy Counterintelligence agents
>who enter booby-hatches under false pretenses to spy on Malecki?
>Spectacular anti-Dow Chemical actions that nobody knows about except
>Malecki? You should take a sabbatical from denouncing other people's
>short-comings, Hugh.
Proyect the yellow journalist still trying to slander and lie. By the way it
was the "Allison" Division of general motors.

Bob Malecki

Jun 26, 71 (The Plain Dealer)

3 War Foes Charged
in Having Dynamite

by Brian Williams

  A federal grand jury yesterday charged three men with illegal possession
of dynamite.  The trio allegedly plotted to detonate explosives at public
buildings in Ohio.
  Indicted were Robert A. Malecki, 28, of 3205 W. 120th Street; Robert P.
Brake Jr,. 20, of Akron, and Theodore L. Soars, 29, who at one time lived at
1703 W. 32nd Street.  All are antiwar activists, according to the Federal
Bureau of Investigation.

  Each faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for
the offense, which comes under the National Firearms Act of 1968 and makes
it illegal to possess unregistered dynamite.
  Brake and Malecki are in federal prison for destruction of draft records
in 1969 in Silver Springs, Md.  Soars' whereabouts are unknown and he has
been a subject of a fugitive warrant.

  Last Sept. 28, an Erie County grand jury indicated Malecki, Soars and Miss
Roberta Lynn Jackson, 19, of 4000 Clinton Avenue N.W. with breaking into a
dynamite shack belonging to Cleveland Quarries Co. in Birmingham, O.

  According to the FBI, the theft occurred Oct. 26, 1969, during the day.
The FBI was told by quarry officials that about 150 sticks had been taken
with blasting caps and a detonator.

  The explosives, the FBI said, were to be used at a federal building, the
Ohio Statehouse, State Selective Services headquarters in Columbus and a
Cleveland Illuminating Co. generating plant.
  Brake allegedly buried the explosives in the Rocky River Reservation of
Metropolitan park where they were recovered by the FBI.
  The breaking and entering charges are still pending against Malecki and
Soares, but Miss Jackson will not be prosecuted.  U.S. District Judge James
C. Connell granted her immunity from prosecution "in all courts" Thursday
after she first had refused to answer about 40 questions before the grand jury.
  No indictments were returned for the arsons at Selective Service offices
in Akron, Lorain, Painsville, and Norwalk during 1969 and early 1970.

July 8, 1970 (The Plain Dealer)

Draft Office Vandals
Get Prison Terms

  A Cleveland man and an Akron man were sentenced to three years in prison
yesterday in Baltimore, Md. for ransacking a Maryland draft (office and
entering Gov)(sic) ernment property.

  The Clevelander, Robert A. Malecki, will be brought here to look for a
hidden cache of dynamite.

  U. S. District Judge Alexander Harvey II, who imposed the sentences on
Malecki, 27, of 3205 W. 120th Street and Robert H. Brake, 20, of Akron, said
he would sign an order permitting the defendants removal to Ohio.

  The two were arrested near the Silver Spring, Md., draft office Nov. 11
after draft records had been taken from the office and placed on nearby
railroad tracks.
  Testimony indicated Malecki knew of dynamite hidden in a Cleveland park
and had drawn maps for Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, but they were
unable to find it.
  Judge Harvey said he was interested in the possibility the sentence could
be modified if Malecki helped find the explosives.
  On Oct. 1 Malecki and Brake took refuge in St. John Cathedral, Superior
Avenue N. E. at E. 9th Street, after admitting responsibility for burning
draft records in Akron a few days earlier.
  The two and a group of sympathizers were asked to leave the church when
police indicated they didn't believe the confession.


Dec. 10, 1969 (The Plain Dealer)

3 Cited in Raid
on Draft Board

  Two Clevelanders and a Virginian were indicted yesterday by a federal
grand jury in Baltimore, Md., on charges of destroying government property
and interfering with Selective Service operations in a raid on a Silver
Spring, Md. draft board.
  Robert A. Malecki, 27, of 3205 W. 120th Street and Robert H. Drake, 20,
were indicated in connection with a Nov. 12 raid during which draft records
were seized, placed on a railroad track and struck by a passing train.
  The third person indicted was Jonathan Bayless, 17, of Falls Church, Va.


Headline of article    Nov 4, 1969 (The Plain Dealer)

Deadlocked Jury Forces
Retrial in Grape Fuss

   A deadlocked Municipal Court jury yesterday forced a new trial for three
persons.  They are accused of trespassing at a West Side A&P grocery during
an Aug. 28 protest in support of a boycott on California table grapes.
   The defendants and the addresses they gave police at their arrest are
William E Anderson, 24, 13037 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland; Geraldine M
urks, 24, of 2520 Detroit Avenue N.W. and Robert A Malecki, 27, of 3205 W.
120th street

   Their Joint Retrial was scheduled for Dec. 8.
   Members of the jury declined to say why they had not be able to reach a
   The three - arrested when they refused to leave the grape counter of A&P
supermarket, 3171 W. Boulevard N.W. - were released on $50 bond each yesterday.

   All are members of the Cleveland Grape boycott committee, protesting the
sale of California table grapes in the store.

   Six other persons, including the Rev. Stanislaus Pack, 37, of 8000 Euclid
Avenue, head of the committee here, face jury trials later this month and
early in December for another incident at the same supermarket.
   The hung jury had deliberated six hours Friday and yesterday according to
Municipal Judge Fredrick M. Coleman who presided.
   The trio has asked a joint trial pleading innocent.


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