COUNTER_REVOLUTIONARY SHROUD WAVING on behalf of Fujimori and imperialism!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Oct 8 21:42:27 MDT 1996

>Aldolfo writes;
>The Poder Obrero - like Plant - are not "leftists" of any recognisable sort.
>They are counter-revolutionaries which stand to the right even of the
>Peruvian fascist generals who at least have the honesty of admitting thet
>the waving of phoney "socialists" shrouds is their own original idea!
>Plant, Rodwell, and poder Obrero are nothing but the monkeys of these organs
>grinders.  Their whole aim is to discredit the revolution and regurgitate
>the CIA and Fujimori's allegations.

This is even far worse then the yellow journalist Proyect is even willing to
go. This man has crossed the class line and is accusing all kinds of people
in the workers movement of being "facists" and "agents of Fujimora".

Bob Malecki

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