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Tue Oct 8 21:42:25 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>Exactly!  These eunuchs of Poder Obrero - like their counterparts the gwind
>bags in this list - have no revolutionary record at all!
>They have never even killed a fly - IN SIXTEEN YEARS OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR -

Obviously for Aldolfo his macho ideas of revolution is blowing away a
general or killing and enemy of the revolution.

>and in a longer history of class struggle in which the blood of the Peruvian
>people fills the pages of our history - these eunuchs have never killed or
>done anything to its pretended political oponents, the reactionaries and the
>rich ruling classes.  Not a single one! Not a genocidal general, or a
>torturer, not a criminal assassin member of a death squad, not even a bloody

And even more. In fact it appears the only condition is shooting someone
that the PCP leadership and Aldolfo claim are the enemy. Perhaps this is the
blood rifght for membership in this organisation. Blind loyalty to what ever
Gonzalo preeches and pick up the gun rhetoric.
>That is why their words are only empty gas and their actions
>counter-revolutionary in nature.  That is the character of New Fascism!.

And now it appears that everybody that disagrees with Aldolfo are "new
Facists". If Aldolfo is representative of the PCP in Peru. Then this
organisation is extremely dangerous to the entire workers movement.

Bob Malecki

>Down with the Orwellian sects working for the imperialist secret services!
>Adolfo Olaechea
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