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Wed Oct 9 14:13:44 MDT 1996

I'm not sure how many Australians are on this list but I know there's a few.

In Melbourne, my organisation has initiated a demonstration against the
visit of racist MP Pauline Hanson. She is speaking at Melb. Uni this Saturday,
at a conference organised by gun nut Ted Drane's Australia Reform Party.

The action has been widely endorsed (by the left, ethnic groups, student
unions, a few unionists, etc).

The point of this message is to encourage others to keep an eye on
the movements of the various racists who have cropped up over the last
months with a view to organising counter-mobilisations. For example,
I understand Graeme Campbell spoke somewhere in Sydney yesterday, but
I dunno if the left mobilised around it.

Our experience organising the anti-Hanson thing is that it is astonishingly
easy to build against these people. There is so much concern out there
about the rise of the new racists that people have been rushing to endorse
the rally.

It would be great if people interstate (where my mob doesn't have much
of a presence) could initiate similar actions. The racists tend to keep their
movements a little secret, but through judicious use of detective methods
it is possible to find out when and where they are appearing.

In the present climate, even small anti-racist actions could have quite real
effects. Hanson has had such a dream run in the press; a militant demo
against her might cause some of her backers to wonder if by supporting
her will lead to the kind of social unrest that some of them are already
voicing their fears about. It's particularly important in a context in which
the Government is considering the Nazi David Irving's application to
visit the country.

If people in Melbourne want further info about the Hanson demo (8.45 am,
Melbourne Uni, this Saturday) please email me directly.


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