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I've been asked to forward this to the list.




Olaechea decided now to condemn Revolutionary History as another
CIA-Fujimori "mouthpiece".

He decided to re-name it as "Counter-revolutionary history"

What's the crime of this historical journal?

To ask Olaechea to write an article in its journal on his participation in
the soviet of Lima 1963 and on his version of Chiara murder. He can't write
nothing on these subjects because the Lima soviet is a complete invention
and he can't prove nothing on Chiara.

In Reply To: J. Plant which wrote:

>Godenas thundered from Valhalla :
>>How many people read 'Revolutionary History'?
>At the last count that would make it ten more than want to read
>anything from you, pal.
>jplant at

Olaechea wrote:

Except of course some gentlemen from the CIA run Fujimori National
Intelligence Service posting from an account in the Peruvian Scientific
Network (where Fujimori has installed its Internet listening post).

Now he decided to attack the THOUSANDS of people that are in the internet in
Peru. Many Peruvians which are in the marxism list. The Peruvian Scientific
network (... at is the biggest internet company in Peru. It's
not a private or state company. Around 90% of the people which are in the
internet in Peru are in this system.

No wonder why nobody from Peru want to send a direct message from his
machine to the marxist list with the aim to criticise the PCP-SL!

I hope that people like Vladimir or the NCP should understand how difficult
is to expose my e-mail address to them.

J Ponce

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