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Tue Oct 8 21:42:49 MDT 1996

>>>Please restate for me what you think is the evidence that I am being used by
>>>fascists. And provide evidence in support of your claim that Poder Obrero
>>>any record of killing its political competitors.
>>>jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk
>>Exactly!  These eunuchs of Poder Obrero - like their counterparts the gwind
>>bags in this list - have no revolutionary record at all!
>>They have never even killed a fly - IN SIXTEEN YEARS OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR -
>>and in a longer history of class struggle in which the blood of the Peruvian
>>people fills the pages of our history - these eunuchs have never killed or
>>done anything to its pretended political oponents, the reactionaries and the
>>rich ruling classes.  Not a single one! Not a genocidal general, or a
>>torturer, not a criminal assassin member of a death squad, not even a bloody
>>That is why their words are only empty gas and their actions
>>counter-revolutionary in nature.  That is the character of New Fascism!.
>>Down with the Orwellian sects working for the imperialist secret services!
>>Adolfo Olaechea
>Fujimori mouthpiece complains because the revolutionary rank and file (and
>also leading militants of the real Left abroad) have already seen through
>the counter-revolutionary cretins and swindlers dressed up as "pro-Moscow",
>- "pro-Peking" - "pro-Albania" in Peru and seen them for what they are;  PRO
>deceive people.
>That is all to the credit of real people of the left.  Only the Trotskyst
>sectarians - and I mean here the unthinking and idiotic Ridwell and the soft
>cheese brains like malecki's who still believe that a Fujimori mouthpiece
>acting on behalf of the LEFTIST SHROUD WAVING TECHNIQUE of the Peruvian
>Military High Command can really be people from the left.
>In Peru too the real Left, long ago deserted those stinking corpses,
>precisely because they were perceived as people who had allied themselves to
>the rich and the powerful to fight to preserve a reactionary and pro Us
>imperialist state.
>That the sympathisers abroad of the "Poder Obrero" fleas are not able to see
>this evident fact, only goes to demonstrate that people like Rodwell and
>malecki, are nothing but counter-revolutionary saboteurs and windbags!
>That we already knew.  So, what is so surprising in what they do in this list?
>Adolfo Olaechea

The real Aldolfo steps forward!  No politics or quotes from Lenin here. Just
"kill" , kill, kill, and physically eliminate your political opponents.

Like Proyect Aldolfo has no *proof* but relies on viscous agent cop slander
including the opposition being facists. Thus putting a gun in a militants
hands and point him at the enemy and say kill!

Aldolfo you have completely exposed yourself. And anybody that supports this
kind of shit should remember that they might be next on Aldolfo,s hit list.

Bob Malecki

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