Stell cell and labelling Louis Godena as "Senderista"

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Wed Oct 9 00:08:56 MDT 1996

>Members of the list,
>Mrs. Harriette Spierings, who signs Adolfo, wrote extranges and wrongs
>things  about a very light commentaire related with the medical effets of
>the stell cell in the struggle against the cancer and Lupus and so on,
>mentioned by Mr. Godena. If the recognition of the scientific  utility of
>this progress of the medicine is the reason of an spectral accusation of
>espionnage of this lady, I will have all the reasons to consider than this
>is an unequilibrate judgment. I am very surprise because I subscribe the
>list a week ago and I do not understand the reasons of this unlogical
>attack. :-{ G. (I sign G because my name is in the header, I' m a well known
>professor of the University in Peru, engineer, working in the linkages
>between the computer engineering and the medicine&science)

Is that is so - and all was innocent trawling by some Peruvian "doctors"
accidentally cruising by a Marxism list in seach for the medical effects of
stem cell in the cure of cancer and Lupus, then WHY THEN MENTION LOUIS

Here is what - in any fair reading - the message exchange by the careless
"medical lurkers" in Marxism 1 shows about their REAL interest - as oppossed
to their feigned one:

"El pata ES SENDERISTA"  (This buddy (Godena) is a Shining Path supporter).
Is that not the case?

Moreover, the defence by these "harmless lurkers" of the RCP as independent
of the Fujimori regime by speaking of its status as a non-public-non-state
organisation (NGO) is rather disingenous.

That defence is also a good indication that these fellows may not be telling
the truth about the real reason for their lurking in this list.  The RCP is
subjected to SIN (National Intelligence Service) Control and supervision.
Both the SIN and the Army Intelligence have listening posts in the offices
of RCP, and that is well known among Peruvian subscribers. That is nothing
secret either, since it accords to the role assigned in Peruvian legislation
to all sorts of media, including newspapers, TV, Radio stations and WEB
ACCESS providers, which, by law, are obliged to supply information to the
Intelligence Services and lend them all sorts of facilities.

The more one thinks about it, it seems to me, that these gentlefolk protest
too much and in several tongues!  It would be easier if they would explain
with a bit more detail what their motives to lurk in a marxism list really
are, besides questioning the sanity of people who rightly note their OBVIOUS
activities of political intelligence gathering (Otherwise, what has Godena's
sympathies towards Shining Path got to do with the treatment of Lupus?)  Is
it "mad" to ask that simple question?

Adolfo Olaechea


And the other "Peruvian account" accompanying (another "innocent
coincidence") the Rodwell sponsored raid by "Poder Obrero" in this list?

Was it accidental that it was registered to Fujimori's Ministry of Foreign
Relations?  What is the interest of these gentlemen here?  Roach control?

And now that "commander Quispe" is posting back, and the team of "Peace
Agreement" fans can thus be said to be as nearly complete as possible, why
not be a little more up-front and cut the hypocresy.

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