Please ignore Malecki

Chris Burford cburford at
Wed Oct 9 01:48:29 MDT 1996


I want to implore people not to respond to Malecki. I was dismayed to see
that Chris Burford continues to talk to this drug-dealing, ex-employee of
the "Chrysler division of General Motors" as if he were legitimate. (Can
you believe, he still sticks by this?)

Whatever opinion you hold about who he might be and how he got here,
suffice it to say that he is not one of us. He is not a socialist, a
Marxist, or even somebody of the left.

His purpose on this list is to draw people into senseless flame wars and
divert us from the important needs of analyzing the class-struggle. I have
not responded to one of his provocations since I convinced myself that he
is a total fraud. I would ask all my friends and comrades and people who
have respect for the integrity of our discussion here to ignore him as


Thank you for referring to me politely, despite our disagreements.

I do not think you have an effective policy for dealing with people
who for a time are disruptive on an open list. The best rule IMO
is deal with people at their best, ignore them at their worst,
be soft on people, hard on arguments.

I asked Robert if perhaps
there was not some hype in his description of himself on his
web page as a most noted war resister, in such a manner as to give
him a way out. You however accused him of lying.
The factual questions of evidence are the same. But the rest of
us may have to suffer further consequences for some time to come of
the way you have tried to make this a major question for this list.

Nor does it deal effectively with a disruptive poster to send
them to Coventry. What is more effective is to listen to him/her
at their best. They then have to shout less to be heard, and the
list as a whole can concentrate on whatever are the most
significant issues to be drawn out of the exchange.

I am surprised that you talk about "the integrity of our discussion
here" when only a few days ago you were talking about it being a

Can you please stop changing your mind about whether or not you
wish to be on an open list, and if you do, make the best of it
not the worst of it? It has become a familiar pattern, of people
who run down an open list, when they are frustrated in the hope of
taking others to a closed list. It would be better they demonstrate
that the closed list is a really interesting magnet and attract
people to it, rather than running down the open list. (IMO
we need both. You are free to disagree and unsubscribe.)

And in that spirit I wish you and other subscribers to the
left unity list, success in your discussions. I hope Left unity
will keep the rest of us informed of your progress, for example
on the current applicability of the Transitional Programme.

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