Proyect nailed and exposed!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Oct 8 22:12:26 MDT 1996

Proyect the yellow journalist who has been doing a campaign of personal slander
about Malecki as being and agent in the pay of imperialism among other
things. The latest is a "drug addict" as if LSD is addictive and doing a big
number over the name of the tank plant i was working at in Cleveland, has
been completely exposed.

To the M1 list i have provided both letters from Berrigan, newspaper
articles, (i think even more will be coming) about just some of my
activities as *real* proof. Where Project has come with nothing other then
more lies and slander.

Our scrapbook Menshevik and neo-Stalinist yellow journalist has completely
exposed himself and should be condemned by the entire list. However their
are still people like the liberal Kenwood, Barkely and others who are
playing Proyect,s tune.

Naturally Aldolfo is doing this also, but for other reasons. In fact
Aldolfo,s antics are far more dangerous then our playboy Mensevik Proyect on M1.

However their activities should be condemed by any honest socialist or
communist on this list.

Slander, lies and threats of physically eliminating your political opponents
should not be tolerated in the workers movement or on the lists here at
Jefferson Village.

Down with the neo Stalinist and Stalinists politics of slander and death

Down with Proyect and Aldolfo who should be immediately dumped from all
lists until they stop the slander and threats.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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