COUNTER_REVOLUTIONARY SHROUD WAVING on behalf of Fujimori and imperialism!

hariette spierings hariette at
Wed Oct 9 04:41:25 MDT 1996

>>Plant, Rodwell, and poder Obrero are nothing but the monkeys of these organs
>>grinders.  Their whole aim is to discredit the revolution and regurgitate
>>the CIA and Fujimori's allegations.
>This is even far worse then the yellow journalist Proyect is even willing to
>go. This man has crossed the class line and is accusing all kinds of people
>in the workers movement of being "facists" and "agents of Fujimora".
>Bob Malecki

Malecki, you crossed the human line long ago, when poor Robert died and
became a Trotskyst.  You are nothing but a roach feeding of the maggots
coming out of his corpse.  What would a roach know about class lines?  In
any case, count me out of any class line you may stand behind.  I rather be
in the opposite trench.  It would at least be more hygienic.


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