Proyect nailed and exposed!

hariette spierings hariette at
Wed Oct 9 04:14:40 MDT 1996

>Down with Proyect and Aldolfo who should be immediately dumped from all
>lists until they stop the slander and threats.
>Warm regards
>Bob Malecki

Slander you?  How can a cockroach - a self confessed pimp and drug dealer
(and if you are not an addict, then even worse, since you would only be
doing it for money and no excuses about feeding your habit would apply)- be

Last time it was an allegation that you were being "raped".
Now it is an accusation of being "insulted".

When are you going to quit posing as a victim, you toadstool cockroach!

If telling the truth about you is going to lead you to another one of your
hystrionic riots thru internet asking for pity for the "poor and working
class little boy", great, it will enhance the prestige of your tormentors
and the thankfulness of the readers of many lists!


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