From Meat Riots to Vegan Riots!

hariette spierings hariette at
Wed Oct 9 04:36:53 MDT 1996

>Aldolfo you have completely exposed yourself. And anybody that supports this
>kind of shit should remember that they might be next on Aldolfo,s hit list.
>Bob Malecki

Malecki, if you are not prepared to kill your political opponents when they
are out to kill you - i.e. in a situation of civil war - why are you
speaking of revolution?  Ah, I see you were only speaking of a cockroach
revolution in which everybody goes to war just to rub their antennas.  It is
the bacteria that do the killing then, not the "peaceful roaches" who abhor
even the sight of blood.

You have come a long way from the advocate of meat riots!  What is it now,
Leek Souffle Riots? Carrot Juice Riots? Bean Sprout Riots?  Muesli Riots?
All Strictly Vegan Riots?

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