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Wed Oct 9 08:16:18 MDT 1996

At 06:33 08-10-96 +0100, Richard Bos wrote:
>I know that we disagree on a lot of issues, and that you will possibly
>dismiss this because I am a friend of Adolfo, but I ask you to look at
>the evidence with an open mind.
>I have absalutely no doubts that you are being used by the dirty tricks
>department of a fascist regime. I am sure that you would not knowingly
>do that, but these people that you are helping are the ones who would
>kill just about everyone on this list given the chance.


I find this very hard to believe. Really it is a quite hard accusation,
which has not been supported by any evidence whatsoever. So please
substantiate your position. I prefer to take people at face value unless I
have something concrete indicating otherwise - and even then I would not
air my suspicions with such certainty without substantiating.

So: Which evidence??

Another point: I know that you and I stand in different - and hostile -
traditions. But my guess is that none of us have a very concrete knowledge
of affairs in Peru - at least I don't. Given that the Marxism List is a
broad political forum, I think we can fruitfully do two things:
1. Take the information from contributors which we find useful.
2. Take a look at the principles which direct these contributors.

No doubt that I am much more in agreement with the principles of the
peruvian trotskyists than with those of Oleachea.
But also take a look: I think we have had much more information on the
state of the *mass organizations*, especially *workers'* organizations from
their quite few posts than we have had from the *hundreds* of posts of
Oleachea. I *have* read a lot of his posts - too many - but *very* little
is said about the state of the workers' mass organizations.

Of course this rests on *politics* - and as a worker I think you should
reconsider this.

What I find most provoking is the (Oleachea line of) argument that if you
criticize the PCP_SL then you are objectively an agent of Fujimoro. Please
rethink this from a class perspective - and not from a guerilla war
perspective (this is also to you Jon F.!)

Let this rest. I will just finish off with asking if the peruvian comerades
could share with us info on how they look at the state of the peruvian
working class at present. Outside the context of quarrelling with Oleachea
this could be most useful.


Jorn Andersen

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