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Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Wed Oct 9 05:50:53 MDT 1996

> This list has been really depressing me.  Being on it is like being at an
> Irish wake without the grog. The atmosphere is truly poisonous.  when
> someone from the lurkers' battalion speaks up it is no longer to bring a
> breath of fresh air but like Stuart Sheild to demonstrate to us that once
> things start to degenerate it is impossible to stop them. Truly the list has
> developed a terminal condition.
> The exchange between Vlad and Louis does however get to the heart of the
> matter.  Louis is anxious to redeem the past.  To me he is like the angel in
> Benjamin's meditation.  He wants to reach back towards the wreckage that has
> piled up under the banners and slogans of revolutionary Marxism and endeavor
> to save something of the Leninist tradition.
> Part of me thinks this is noble and part of me thinks this is misguided of
> him. Recently an Anarchist colleague (How they annoy one!) interrupted a
> Trotskyist comrade who was defending Lenin by denying that Leninism lead to
> Stalinism.  The Anarchist tartly replied  that yes he agreed that Leninism
> led to Leninism.
> I am reminded of this when I read Vlad's orthodox defense of the Bolshevik
> tradition.  Neither he nor Rodwell, nor Malecki, nor Neil, nor Sheild will
> allow themselves to be rescued by the "menshevik traitor" Louis Proyect.
> Their best and only friend they insist on naming as the enemy. No they will
> raise the banner once more and chant very loudly that they are Bolsheviks,
> Trotskyists and Communists and somehow the walls of Jericho will come
> tumbling down. I could almost smell the stink  of revolutionary virtue
> behind Vladimir's "communist".  Such sanctity. Such revolutionary piety,
> such mindlessly boring dedication to irrelevance.
> Again part of me tends to be fascinated by this. But then I also tend to
> remember what it was like to be in organizations with people like this. I
> recall the  Thought Police. those whose sole reading consisted  of internal
> bulletins and the pathetic party paper. More than anything else they feared
> anyone who would read widely.  Like the Roman Church they remorselessly
> attacked  intellectuals  and raised up the workers and the near illiterates
> not because they were pro -worker but because they knew who could never
> threaten their grip on the organization.
> They were Sectarians and  psychologically deeply crippled people who could
> only lead an organization if they kept  it from growing.  Just one such
> named Mick Armstrong popped onto this list a brief while ago.  But there was
> nothing for him to scavenge because Malecki had already got there and pissed
> all over the pickings.
> We have talked before on this list about such things.  But the sad truth is
> that they - the party people - will not change nor  will they admit the
> validity of our experiences of their kind of politics.
> Let me be clear here I do not oppose all those who belong to a group. I also
> exempt Adam Rose from the above strictures. We have our disagreements and
> they can be sharp, but at least when I read his posts I feel that I am in
> contact with a mind.  What sickens me is the constant chorus from those who
> think that every discussion can  be solved with a little slogan.  This is
> the disease that Rodwell has.  Malecki is merely this reduced ad absurdum.
> But there is no hope for change and we should now proceed I would suggest to
> the long delayed funeral of M1.
> regards
> Gary

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