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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Wed Oct 9 06:23:34 MDT 1996

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> Ever heard of cartels? In the defence industry? Anyhow, a tank factory by
> any other name would smell as sweet.

Louis: "By any other name?" Now I see we are getting somewhere. Why don't
we call it the Red Lollipop Division of General Motors and be done with

> The government spying on anti-war people? Weeeird. Wonder who could make up
> anything so farfetched? Adolfo?

Louis: Spying on anti-war people? Not "weeeeird" at all. What is weird is
the notion that a naval counterintelligence agent would use a subterfuge
to get into a mental ward so he could deceive our hero Malecki into
revealing all of his top-secret knowledge about a "smuggling" ring to
Cuba. This then turns into a new revelation on the JFK assassination. Are
you somehow trying to compare this with agent-provocateurs deceiving their
way into the Black Panthers or SDS? Well, come to think of it, I guess you

> Spectacular anti-Dow Chemical actions that nobody knows about. Well, there
> were so few actions during the brief and victorious campaign of the US
> against the pointy hats, so there can have been no actions at all that
> weren't mentioned in one of Louis's lunch-time indexes.

Louis: I simply pointed out that Tom Wells identified the key anti-Dow
action as taking place in March 1969 and led by Catholic activists. This
doesn't stretch credulity, does it? Does the notion of a an ex-drug
dealing employee of the Chrysler division of General Motors having carried
out the key anti-Dow action 8 months later stretch credulity? Well, it
does mine and Rosser's, no particular ally of mine.

> He doesn't realize that without the resistance and sacrifice of ordinary
> joes, there'd be nothing for him and his petty-bourgeois pals to
> administer, patronize and bask in the reflected glory of.

Louis: Actually, this is what galls me about the Malecki-thing, whatever
it is. He takes credit for the heroic actions of others, people like the
Berrigans. My own activity was fairly mundane: raising money, getting
people aboard buses, passing out leaflets, marshalling at demonstrations.
While it was fairly mundane, it did happen. That is the difference.

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