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>No doubt that I am much more in agreement with the principles of the
>peruvian trotskyists than with those of Oleachea.
>But also take a look: I think we have had much more information on the
>state of the *mass organizations*, especially *workers'* organizations from
>their quite few posts than we have had from the *hundreds* of posts of
>Oleachea. I *have* read a lot of his posts - too many - but *very* little
>is said about the state of the workers' mass organizations.
>Of course this rests on *politics* - and as a worker I think you should
>reconsider this.
>What I find most provoking is the (Oleachea line of) argument that if you
>criticize the PCP_SL then you are objectively an agent of Fujimoro. Please
>rethink this from a class perspective - and not from a guerilla war
>perspective (this is also to you Jon F.!)
>Let this rest. I will just finish off with asking if the peruvian comerades
>could share with us info on how they look at the state of the peruvian
>working class at present. Outside the context of quarrelling with Oleachea
>this could be most useful.
>Jorn Andersen

The state of the Peruvian "working class organisations" under fascism!
Vladimir Bilenkin, who is also a Trotskyst - albeit one on the side of the
revolutionary people put his finger right on that canard of the Fujimori
flunkeys that Jorn calls his "comrades".

Under conditions of fascism, such unions, which in Peru, at the best of
times, congregated only about 15% of the work force, are not fighting unions
and cannot be fighting unions, irrespective of the wishes of some or even
the majority of its members.

Moreover, what the Fujimori flunkeys are defending is not the rank and file
workers who are memebers of the Unions, but the Union bosses, such as the
Peruvian Willis, and what - an insult to the miner's leader who under
British conditions stands apart from the run of the mill Union bosses in
many aspects Scargill - they call the "peruvian Scargill".  All those
monsignors are Union bosses under the legality of the fascist regime and are
in fact functionaries of that regime.  These are regimented unions.

Here is what a "Left-wing" leader of the stature (and "radical reputation")
of former Senator Javier Diez Canseco, former  Secretary General of the PUM
(an alliance of leftist of a semi-Trotskyst radical DISCOURSE) has to say:

" I believe that there are diverse reasons that explain the decay of these
forces (the legal political forces of the "left" A.O.).  Look, the crisis
has generated two kinds of movements: Some are movements of resistance,
while others are movements of desintegration.  The closure of factories, the
massive firing of workers, the loss of stable jobs, the cuts IN SALARIES and
the fact that people are forced to look for several jobs in order to be able
to survive, are factors promoting dis-integration of such movements".

"I am sure not to be mistaken in saying that FROM 1975 to 1992 THE WORKING
that we are going backwards as a result of an economic crisis which
EVERY-DAY genrates more recession, more PARALYSIS OF THE PRODUCTIVE
APPARATUS, producing millions of street hawkers just eking the most meagre

So, Jorn, it is not "lies of Olaechea against the working class" as the
Fujimori flunkeys of Poder Obrero allege.  It is Fujimori lies in the mouth
of phoney leftist trying to deceive people in the West who - because of
their NARROW Trade-Union mentality - are, despite their socialist ideals,
easy victims of the "Shining Path" opposes General Strikes type of Peruvian
Military High Command slogans to be spread abroad by the Fujimori propaganda
machine in order to dupe them.

I will - despite the rantings of the Fujimori flunkeys - make more time and
stay in the list to show them up with concrete arguments.

All what they have said can be divided into three portions

1.  - Allegations of a personal nature against Olaechea. These are also part
of the same old rubbish spread by the Fujimori regime, the Pinkerton people,
Quispe, etc.  I wont bother with that.

2.  Old rubbish against the Peruvian revolution:  Criminals, assassins,
drug-dealers, sectarians, nasty, etc.  These we have already dispose of in
fighting the very same allegations which are circulated by the CIA, Fujimori
and all the anti-revolutionary forces of the old imperialist order.

3.  "New Allegations" (or allegations which we have not dealt in detail with
before.  This include such things as the question of the Unions and the
nature of the Left in Peru (something we are already dealing with) the
question of the character of the "General Strikes" called by the Union
bosses and the role these play in the counter-insurgency strategy of the
reactionaries (something that must be very confusing for people who look at
Unions in Europe and are always fighting to move them to go on strike, is to
see how the strike weapon, under conditions of people's war changes too, and
can be used as a ploitical weapon by both sides).  Also here one can mention
what I have already dealt with: The silly allegations of "lack of
proletarian internationalism" in reference to the question of the
Peru-Ecuador conflict.

No one can deny that the flunkeys of Fujimori are pushing a bogus
internationalist line which in the concrete conditions of Peru would mean
capitulation to imperialism under the guise of "not defending borders".

Yes, these issues are to be political, because the time for arguing about
different interpretations of data is over.  The data I transcribe cannot be
refuted since it comes from our political enemies, the data the Fujimori
flunkeys are trying to sell, such as the image of millions of Peruvian
workers supporting Genral Strikes which are "oppossed by Shining Path", is
so far from reality that they are either happening in a country in Alpha
Cenauri which by coincidence may also be called peru (you never know, with
these Intergalactics) or these people can only be paid handsomely from the
loot extracted from the sweat and blood of the Peruvian poor to lie in such
gargantuan proportions,

We shall see then who loses the debate.  If the revolutionaries or the
counter-revolutionaries.  It may provoke you no end, but this is class war
and not a debating society scoring points.  I have not ever said that those
that disagree with me are CIA agents.  What I say is that those who oppose
RAISING THE SAME SMEARS, areto my mind, and I do not like to mince words,
consciously or unconsciously serving the CIA and world reaction!.

The above is acceptable as an accident born of ignorance, but in malecki,
Rodwell and Plant, this SERVING THE CIA AND WORLD REACTION seems to be an
ADDICTION, an incurable one at that!

Therefore, choose your side and choose well, since we are not now out to
take any prisoners!


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