The Sickness at the Heart of Marxism-Leninism?! OR Its Falsification?

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Wed Oct 9 06:29:34 MDT 1996

Louis: Vladimir, I already returned the Deutscher to the library. Can you
do the list a favor and supply the "several examples" alluded to below?

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:

> 	This led him to make pronoucements and to engage in a voluminous
> correspondence which in themselves form a running commentary on the history
> of these crucial years, a commentary rich in thought, sparkling with wit, and
> often astonoshingly farsighted (Deutscher refers to Trotsky's _Five Years_).
> But parts of the correspondence also reflect the tutelage. (Deutscher gives
> several examples)...These, it is true, are extreme and exceptional instances.
> He never hectored or cajoled his subordinates in the Commintern, as Zinoviev
> and then Stalin did: and he always expected them to speak their mind.  He
> still treated the Executive as a truly international body and acted on its
> behalf from the general principles of communism and not from any peculiar
> Russian angle. It was in this spirit that he used the wide powers which the
> Twenty One Points had vested in the Executive.
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