Oleachea is a slander machine against the revolutionaries in Peru

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Oct 9 10:36:05 MDT 1996


You (and J. Ponce) wrote on 05.10:

>I've been asked to forward this reply from Juan to Adolfo, and I do so with
>pride and confidence in the general correctness of the analysis being

"General correctness" of that "analysis"??

That's pure Najibullshit. Or cow fart, if you prefer.
I don't know much about the situation in Peru. It may be
that the so-called criticism of the PCP, as a *secondary*
aspect, contains things that are not entirely untrue.
But the "analysis" as such? Never on your life. Even from
here in Sweden, this can be seen.

>Olaechea wrote two messages. The first one is only a reproduction of my
>small letter but at vthe end he completely altered it. He changed my
>signature and I became now Ponce-Quispe-Montesinos-Fujimori.

Perhaps *somewhat* too harsh on J. Ponce. In essence, not far wrong.

>That expresses a method. He put in the same bag the dictator Fujimori, the
>leader of his terrible secret service (Montesinos), the person in charge of
>the PCP-SL's very well done Web Page and a humble anti-stalinist
>revolutionary marxist.

Nope. *No* "revolutionary Marxist". Perhaps a person who, while
misled, is not *entirely* insincere.

>The conclusion is that everybody which Adolfo doesn't like, no matter if he
>is from another left current or even if he is another supporter of the PCPSL
>(like Quispe) are spies which deserve to be killed.

Sorry, Ponce. Perhaps you haven't followed the discussion that
PROVED "Quispe" IS a spy. Even if so, it would have been the
correct thing for you to *reserve judgment* and NOT state
that "Quispe" IS a "PCP supporter". This what you wrote really STINKS.
"Marxist" it is not. At best, very naive petty-bourgeois thinking.

>On the contrary, Olaechea is for KILLING ALL his opponents. In his messages
>he supports the murder of the members of all the Peruvian leftwing parties,
>the PCPSL (Gonzalo) and promote punishment for another "CIA agent" which is
>a supporter of his same faction (Quispe).

Once more that "Quispe" support. Once more that stench.

>I am not in favour that Olaechea should return to Peru as prisoner. I would
>fight for his freedoms.
>I only want to stress that this CHARLATAN wasn't at all in Peru in the
>struggle against the military dictatorship (1968-80), that he OPPOSED ALL
>1980 when our country returned to a parliamentary bourgeois democracy and
>the PCP-SL started its "people's war". In the 12 years of working class
>developments in opposition to the military junta and in the 16 years of
>representative democracy and PCP-SL uprising HE WAS LEADING A COMFORTABLE life
>outside his country. Why did he never return to fight against the bourgeoisie?

The above paragraph is a very dirty, very nasty one.

I on my part cannot know whether Adolfo opposed certain strikes or
not. But J. Ponce is not very credible.

And the statement that Adolfo "should have returned" to Peru
in 1980? It STINKS. He and others may well have thought, and
>from here, I'd certainly support such a judgement, that Adolfo
would be *more useful* to the just struggle *in London* than
in Peru - this not taking inot account either the question of
whether he *could* have returned at all. True, also probably leading
a more comfortable life there. But to invoke that as an ACCUSATION -
eech, what a creep you are, Ponce. The *main* question is *not* how
*comfortably* people can live in different places. The question
is, where can they make the best contribution.

>There is nothing wrong if somebody wants to leave his fatherland and
>establish himself in the imperialist world. If he is a left wing I only ask
>him for 3 things:
>1- That he should part of the workers movement of the new country;
>2- That he would tell to the comrades from the new country the TRUTH about
>his own country.
>3- That he would respect the militants which are fighting in Peru.
>Nevertheless, Olaechea didn't do any of these 3 things.

Ponce offers no proof of this. It has the character of slander.

>1- He is not part of the British working class movement. He said that he is
>favour of killing the Morris, Monks and Scargills.

"Killing" or not, people like Scargill, when all is said and done,
*are* representatives of labour aristocracy. The others mentioned
I don't know.

>2- He wrote the most terrible LIES about Peru. He portrayed himself as the
>great leader of a soviet in Lima in 1963 (which only existed in HIS
>imagination). He would be absolutely incapable of writing an article about
>it for that revolutionary historical journal which asked him to.

*Suppose* he exaggerated? (I haven't followed that so closely.
I don't know the facts of these things. I've seen no chest-beating
on the part of Adolfo in the posts I did read on this.) *If* so,
even this would be no "big crime". The "analysis" of Ponce STINKS
here too. In essence, your role in this STINKS too, Hugh.

There are points on which I think Adolfo should be criticized,
in part rather severely too.

But this "Ponce-Rodwell campaign" against him, also to us more distant
observers, cannot but REEK of CIA work.

Rolf M.

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