Who is "Quispe" number 2.

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Oct 9 10:36:33 MDT 1996

Adolfo wrote:

>Rodwell regurgitates the BLACK VOMIT of another Fujimori agent slandering
>the Communist Party of Peru -  Is this the same source which Quispe alleged
>was his Peruvian contact?  No wonder that Quispe was fronting with malecki
>and Rodwell too. These are not now attacks against Olaechea now, but against
>the PCP, the Peruvian revolution and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
>As the PCP says: They attack the person, but their objective is to attack
>what that person represents, his ideas and political line!
>What more proof is necessary that Rodwell and malecki are agents provocateur
>of the enmies of Chairman Gonzalo, the PCP and the Peruvian revolution than
>these self-incrimination below:


True enough: The Rodwell-"Ponce" campaign against Adolfo and the PCP
does *stink to high heaven*. Is it *proof* of their actually being
agent provovateurs? I on my part am not quite certain of that. On
one point I disagree with the above: Bob Malecki, for all his
reactionary propaganda on some points, is *no* provocateur. He
defends certain principles of democracy, quite obviously in a
sincere manner. This is not unimportant. The rashness of Adolfo
here is *bad*.

Rolf M.

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